Breakfast Wrap 04Good morning everyone. We hope you wake up every morning full of excitement and enthusiasm because you know that there’s another Gaming News Wrap waiting for you. If not, then that’s hurtful. Really hurtful.


The ‘Combat Ready Starter Pack’ for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition will be available at retailers from 12 August in North and South America, 14 August in Asia-Pacific and 29 August in Europe. For £15.99 you will get the Panzer 38H Tier II German light tank, 3 days of premium account time granting 50% boost in accumulated Silver and experience, 200,000 in-game Silver, 1,500 in-game Gold and a 30-day voucher code for Xbox Live Gold status”.

The ‘Invasion’ DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts is available today for PC, PS3 and PS4.

Call of Duty Ghosts has received the ‘Blunt Force Character Pack’. Yes, it’s in reference to the herb and not the dull edge of a knife. [More…]

Battlefield Hardline has been tweaked following feedback from the beta. Movement, Survivalist and more have been altered. Full details can be found here.

The fourth episode in the second season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead is due to “arrive this month”. [via Twitter]

The ‘Riders of the Rustlands’ DLC for Trials Fusion will be available for all platforms on 29 July for $4.99. It features five new achievements, ten new tracks and more. [More…]

Suda 51 has detailed his upcoming “survival action” game Let it Die in an interview with Eurogamer.

Child of Light has been released on the PS Vita. A standard edition is available digitally for £11.99/$14.99, while a complete edition containing all downloadable content is also available at retail and digitally.

Killzone Mercenary has been updated to version 1.10 which improves aspects of the game’s multiplayer.

Age of Empires Online has been shut down by Microsoft after only running for three years. [More…]

Sales & Discounts

The ‘Big in Japan’ sale has kicked off on the PlayStation Store. Over 120 games made in Japan are on sale for two weeks and feature up to 80% off. Full details are available here.

Consoles & Hardware

New (DK2) Oculus Rift dev kits will start shipping later this month to the 45,000 pre-orders placed for the product. [More…]


EA is not planning to significantly support the 3DS and Vita, but will rather focus more on smart devices. [More…]

EA has registered a domain for Echelons of Truth. [via AllGamesBeta]

The advert for Dungeon Keeper mobile has been banned in the UK with ASA (the UK’s advertising watchdog) saying the ad is “misleading”. [More…]

Ubisoft Quebec is taking over lead production on a new Assassin’s Creed game after contributing by way of portions and DLC of previous games in the franchise. [More…]

A judge has thrown out a patent lawsuit against Ubisoft‘s DRM policies saying Ubisoft are “immune from an infringement suit” due to a previous settlement complainant Digital Reg had agreed with Valve. [More…]

Lindsay Lohan is suing Rockstar for her alleged appearance in GTA V. Kinda glad I ‘accidently’ drove over that Lacey Jonas character in-game now… [More…]

Bandai Namco is the worldwide distributor for indie developer Slightly Mad Studios’ upcoming racing sim, Project Cars, which is due for release in November.

Satoru Iwata’s approval rating at Nintendo has increased for the first time since 2010. [More…]

Riot Games is shutting down its League of Legends public chat rooms “until they’re useful and accessible”. [More…]

Airtight Games – the studio behind Dark Void and Murdered Soul Suspect – has reportedly shut its Redmond office. [More…]

The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh will host the Game Masters Exhibition (featuring over 100 playable games from 30 designers) from Friday 5 December 2014 to Monday 20 April 2015. [More…]


The Finnish Hearthstone qualifier for IeSF has excluded female players. Both the qualifier and the IeSF Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan later this year is for male players only but the backlash appears to have been met with a sympathetic ear and IeSF is “listening” to the “e-Sports community”. [More…] **UPDATE** And just like that, the ‘men only’ events are now ‘open to all’. [More…]


Out now on the recently update EU PS Store: Stuff. Stuff like the new Instant Game Collection titles, Guacamelee!, Child of Light and more. Details can be found here.

Check out Sunset Overdrive‘s multiplayer component called ‘Chaos Squad’.

The announcement video of John Cena as the cover star of WWE 2K15.

Heroes of the Storm features talents.

Compare the SD and HD versions of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD in this new trailer.

The fourth trailer for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution.

Footage from the mobile based Street Fighter IV Arena, currently in closed beta in Korea.