Gaming News Wrap [3 Apr 2014]

Breakfast Wrap 04Good morning. It’s just another gaming news wrap on another day. Not really. It’s got different words, and different videos. So it’s not the same at all.


Rockstar has detailed a number of additions and updates coming to GTA Online over the next few months. The stand out addition is ‘Heists’, but before that arrives, there will be ‘Capture Creator’, ‘The High Life’ update, and “later this year, look for even more additions to both Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto V, including more holiday-themed updates, some very exciting Story Mode DLC and much more.” [More on Rockstar Newswire]

Rubber-banding in Battlefield 4 will be addressed in a server hardware upgrade. No date for this has been revealed. [More on Battlefield Blog]

A Killzone Shadow Fall patch has been released. Full patch notes here.

An issue with Thief save data corruption is being investigated by Square Enix. Apparently some PC, Xbox One and PS4 players have been affected. [More on Game Informer]

Metro Last Light Complete Edition has been rated by PEGI, as well as listed on Amazon for release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. [More on CVG]

Amazon have also leaked a Saints Row 4 ‘Game of the Century’ edition, as well as a Dead Island/Dead Island: Riptide double pack.

Gearbox‘s Randy Pitchford has said on Twitter that they are “working on next-gen,” with “platforms TBD.” You can expect them to “probably announce something later this year.”

The (previously pre-order incentive only) ‘Samurai Spaceman’ DLC for South Park: The Stick of Truth is now available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC at a price of $1.99 . [More on CVG]

Episode three of The Wolf Among Us has been dated for release. US PS3, PC and Mac versions are out on 8 April. On 9 April, the Xbox 360 and EU PS3 version will be available. The iOS version is promised for release “next week”.

Tropico 5 has been dated for release on 23 May (27 May in the US) for PC, with the Xbox 360, Mac and PS4 versions to follow later. [More on AllGamesBeta]

Persona 4 has been rated for PS3, sparking speculation that the game will be heading to the platform in digital form. [More on CVG]

World of Speed – the car MMO from Slightly Mad Studios – is not “free-to-play, it’s free.” There are no catches apparently. [More on Edge]

Hearthstone has been released for iPad in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We assume more countries are to follow.

The iFruit app for GTA V is now available for the PS Vita.


Amazon has revealed its often rumoured micro games console. The Amazon Fire TV costs $99, and is available in the US now. The has 2GB of memory, a quad-core processor, a dedicated GPU and Wi-Fi support built in, and can stream games, TV shows, films and more. [More on Eurogamer]

A reputation system for the PS4 is reportedly under consideration. A survey currently being circulated asks about a reputation system, as well as an advanced matchmaking system, cross-chat and synchronisation of messages across PlayStation platforms, the ability to change PlayStation usernames, the capability to party chat with more than eight people at once, and the ability to appear invisible when online. [More on VGX]

Xbox co-founder Ed Fries is not confident that Oculus Rift will have a mass appeal citing “3D TV fail[ing] so spectacularly” as a reason”general users are[not]  going to be strapping this thing onto their face any time soon.” [More on CVG]


Microsoft and Sony are keen to expand into China now that the console ban has been lifted. The Xbox is reportedly launching soon and Sony has opened a new China Strategy Department. [More on CVG]

Amazon Game Studios has hired Portal designer Kim Swift and Far Cry 2 designer Clint Hocking. [More on CVG]

Metacritic integration is coming to Amazon game listings. In fact, it may already be live in your region.

Airtight Games – the developers of Murdered: Soul Suspect – has been hit with a round of layoffs as part of “necessary restructuring”. 14 members of staff have lost their jobs. [More on IGN]

Ridley Scott will reportedly executive produce a Halo ‘digital feature project’ in collaboration with 343 Industries and Xbox Entertainment Studios. [More on The Wrap]


The EU PS Store has (like almost every other week before) been updated with content. Mercenary Kings (free on PS4 for PS Plus members), Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate and countless (only if you’re lazy) more is now now available. [More on PlayStation Blog]

A new Watch Dogs video which shows off the weather and lighting effects on high-end PCs has been released.

A new trailer for PS4 and PC bound (from 29 April) Daylight.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will out on 7 October for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. [More on Game Informer]

Renegade Kid has started a Kickstarter campaign for their new game Cult County. $580,000 gets the show on the road.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition will be available on Steam from 9 May. [More on AllGamesBeta]

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution third Raikage trailer.

Sev Zero has been announced for the Amazon Fire TV. It’s available now for $6.99.

A showreel of games coming to Amazon Fire TV.

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