ws_Cup_of_Coffee_2560x1600The weekend’s over.  It’s Monday.  Live with it.  Nah.  We know how you feel.  How about we share this news with you, in much the same way we share your feelings of missing the weekend.

Let’s leap in to net-gen rumours shall we?  Reports claim that the “always-on” connection for the next Xbox (we thought it wasn’t actually “always-on” as originally thought?) can be used as DRM on a title-by-title basis by the publishers.  It will be up to the publishers whether the game requires an internet connection to work, or a one-time authentication.  Offline gameplay will be supported alongside these options.  [via Polygon]

Polygon’s sources also go on to claim that you can expect an expanded Xbox Live experience – frankly, this one wouldn’t have taken a genius to figure out.  They claim the expanded Live will add new social network elements (Facebook and Twitter).  A new video capture function (seemingly similar to the PS4 ‘Share’ button) will be added, as well as ‘cross-game’ Achievements.

An update has been released by Sony for the PSN web store which allows you to now purchase and queue downloads for your PS3 and Vita.  If you want the full skinny on the update, check out the FAQ.

A Call of Duty reveal appears to be planned for 1 May according to GameStop ‘display blueprint’ leaked to IGN.  On top of this, Tesco (who accidentally revealed pre-orders for Call of Duty Ghosts) have again revealed that the game (which we will now called CoD Ghosts) will be “powerd by a new next-generation Call of Duty engine”.  At last…  The game will also feature an “all-new gameplay experience built on an entirely new story, setting and cast.” [via AllGamesBeta]

The ‘Blade Wolf’ DLC for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has been delayed until 9 May.  It will still cost you $6.99 (or local equivalent) and is a campaign add-on telling the origin story for Raiden’s side-kick.

Dust 514 will be moving out of beta and on to full release on 14 May.  This “next generation of first-person shooter” – which is a free-to-play PS3 exclusive – is set in the same universe as subscription-based PC space combat simulator Eve Online, connecting the two different titles across the two platforms in real time.

Deep Silver has downplayed talk of the PS4 version of Metro: Last Light.  The publisher released a statement saying: “Although no development has started on any next-gen console versions [of Metro: Last Light]. We have confirmed these hopes and ideas plenty of times before… However, all these ideas are just ideas at the moment. It will be some time before we can officially commit to any of these projects or suggest when they might materialize. They genuinely might all happen, but equally none of them might happen. Anyone expecting Metro: Last Light as a PS4 launch game is probably going to be disappointed.”

Resident Evil Revelations demo is coming.  When however is unknown, but Capcom said it “can’t be far off” and will come to the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC.  The first developer diary – ‘Heritage and Horror’ – has been released too.

It’s Lobo and he is coming to Injustice: Gods Among Us.

A 35 minute trailer for Beyond: Two Souls was shown recently at the Tribeca Film Festival.  Here it is.  Spoilers.

Check out this trailer for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.  It doesn’t really show off anything new other than reveal “further details about its first VIP program, THE WATCH, dedicated to the Assassin’s Creed community…” blah blah blah.  if you’ve pre-ordered the game you can get access to “exclusive tailored content, as well as early access to the latest information.”

Mars: War Logs has a launch trailer.  Well, it’s the PC launch trailer, XBLA and PSN will be releasing “soon”.

Check it.  The announcement trailer for Deep Silver’s Ride to Hell: Route 666.  Woah.  Scary stuff.  Not.  Comes to XBLA and PSN this Summer – or Winter if you sit south of the equator.

2K Games has confirmed it will not have a showroom floor presence at this year’s E3.  Maybe – like Nintendo – they’ll just do their own event as they have “great news coming your way this spring.”

Dark Horse has announced the ‘Halo: Initiation’ comic mini-series.  The series will launch on 14 August and is written by Halo 4 writer Brian Reed, with art from Marco Castiello. [via CVG]

Financial sorta stuff…  THQ‘s creditors are looking for more than $200 million still.  Among the “hundreds” of companies who have registered claims are Microsoft, Codemasters and employees who worked on Saints Row 4 and Metro: Last Light. [via Polygon]

Some South African news to close out with today.  Recently, the EFL Beta was run in Cape Town.  You can watch the video below, and read more about it here.