Gaming News Wrap [28 Jan 2014]

News Wrap 07Good morning people. Want to know all the latest gaming details in the shortest manner possible? Then read on.


It appears that a Titanfall open beta has been confirmed by a poster in retailer GameStop. The beta is scheduled for 14 February to 19 February according to sources. [via AllGamesBeta] To further endorse the Titanfall beta leak, Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella has teased an announcement “soon” on Twitter. And now, the PC and Xbox One beta has been officially confirmed via Vince Zampella on Twitter. Details to follow.

The Xbox 360 port of Titanfall is being handled by an external studio. The studio in charge is Bluepoint Games, who have handled a number of first-party Sony HD upgrades, including the God of War collection and the Ico / Shadow of Colossus PS3 pack. [via Twitter]

The Black Tusk IP revealed at E3 may never see the light of day, and was more of a “concept piece”. The studio is now busy with the next entry into the Gears of War franchise.

Former Gears of War designer Cliffy B will have no involvement in the future games from Black Tusk, but is happy to see Rod Fergusson’s continued involvement saying: “I don’t think the franchise could be in better hands. 343 knocked it out of the park with Halo and I think Black Tusk will do a fantastic job with Gears.” [More on CVG]

Epic Games is still making games. Epic’s Wes Philips took to Twitter to confirm that they “currently have multiple games in development, including @FortniteGame.”

According to Epic Games’ EU territory manager Mike Gamble, the majority of games (still to be announced) using Unreal Engine 4 are new IPs, and some announcements will be happening at GDC in March. [More on Edge]

The next Battlefield 4 update is due at the “end of January/beginning of February” and aims to fix a few issues with the multiplayer component of the game. DICE is looking for feedback from players, so hop to it soldier.

Criterion Games is targeting a June (E3) reveal for its next game. The game is apparently “Beyond cars. That’s for certain,” according to the studio’s new GM Matt Webster. [More on IGN]

Is this Left 4 Dead 3? Well, it actually says L4D2, so it might not be.

Everquest Next is “absolutely” coming to the PlayStation 4. Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley confirmed this on a Reddit “ask me anything” thread.

In the same Reddit thread, John Smedley said that Sony’s next MMO would be “dedicated” to fans of its discontinued MMO Star Wars Galaxies. [More on CVG]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been dated for release on the PS4. The game will be available from 14 April. [More on AllGamesBeta]

An update coming in the first half of 2014 to DayZ will bring vehicles and base-building. [More on CVG]


Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games has submitted a game idea to the Square Enix Collective. They are one of three studios taking part in the crowdfunding pilot scheme from Square Enix. [More on CVG]

Minecraft has sold one million copies on the PS3 in five weeks.

The Federal Trade Commission has said that companies who offer YouTube presenters money to cover their products in a positive way are not breaking guidelines. [More on Polygon]

According to a report by The Guardian, the NSA (and UK counterpart GCHQ) used Angry Birds and a number of other smartphone apps to collect user data.

A rare NES cartridge has sold for nearly $100,000… except it didn’t. The winning bidder withdrew their bid, claiming their two-year-old had made it “by mistake”. The seller is now offering it to other bidders but feels that eBay should be “more seller-friendly, rather than 100% buyer protection focused.” [More on Destructoid]

The director of District 9, Neil Blomkamp, is set to direct the pilot episode of the upcoming Halo TV series, according to “trusted sources”. [More on Latino Review]


A new trailer for inFamous: Second Son.

Earth Defense Force 2025 ‘Call the EDF’ trailer. Some screenshots here.

The Chainsaw Incident has been revealed for PS4 and PS Vita. The game will be funded via a Kickstarter drive coming soon. [Official Website]

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