Gaming News Wrap [27 May 2014]

Breakfast Wrap 01Good morning. It’s a slow news wrap today due to the holiday in the US and England yesterday. But we’ll make it stretch for you.

Oh. And happy Watch_Dogs day. Our review will be live when the embargo lifts, by which time, we’re pretty sure you would’ve made up your own mind anyway.


It seems that The Order: 1886 has been delayed until February 2015. Boo. And hiss. And… hopefully it comes out polished then. [via Twitter]

Some of the tech and weapons from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare have been revealed, and includes a Hover Bike, Plasma-powered Rifle, the Exo Suit, futuristic tanks and aircraft, as well as a 3-D Printer Rifle. Yes. You read that right. It’s a gun that prints its own bullets… [More…]

The FIFA World Cup Kick Off mode is coming to FIFA 14 on the Xbox One and PS4. The free update (not the same as the Ultimate Team update) will roll out on 29 May. The mode will introduce all 32 national teams competing in the tournament, plus the official match ball, and will allow you to play friendly matches, but no official tournament mode will be included. [via Press Release]

EA has announced that PS Plus subscribers on the PS3 can play a trial version of Battlefield 4 for free. It will be available for 20 playable hours from today (27 May). Get to it now. [More…]

Limbo will be coming to the US PS Plus Instant Game Collection for PS Vita today. [More…]

The Watch_Dogs ctOS companion app for Android and iOS will be available today, which just so happens to be the game’s release day.


Unsurprisingly, Sony will be releasing the PS4 in China. When is unknown, but Sony will be complying with the requirements that foreign companies work with local businesses to make systems in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. [More…]


Undead Labs have announced the release date and price for State of Decay: Lifeline. On 30 May, for $6.99 you will (hopefully) be able to grab the expansion and a title update for State of Decay. Shame. More zombies are going to die for the enjoyment of humans. [More…]

Want to see what the ultra vs. low settings of Watch_Dogs looks like on PC? Then watch below.

This is GTA V (well the opening sequence anyway) on the Commodore 64,

Watch the full live-action Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist web series here. If you have the time of course.

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