News Wrap 01Good morning. That was the weekend that was. Now we’ll keep you sane until the next one rolls around.

Xbox One

Call of Duty: Ghosts will (unsurprisingly) feature Kinect voice commands on Xbox One. Apparently, Activision said that it “really excites us because of the level of responsiveness and detail”. As long as you can’t kill the dog OK?

Despite all the general confusion over the used or second-hand or pre-owned games on Xbox One, GameStop is committing to supporting the new Microsoft console. They’ve said that Microsoft claim to be planning to support trading and resale of games. They’re just not clear on how this will actually work and impact the gamer. [via Joystiq]

Microsoft has confirmed that their console will be region-locked. The system will be the same as currently used on the Xbox 360. [via Digital Trends]

Hopefully all the “TV, TV, TV” led chatter from the XboxReveal event will mean a little to the world outside of the US. Both SA satellite provider DStv and UK satellite provider Sky have expressed interest to at least explore it all with Microsoft. Let’s see where it goes from there.

Microsoft is however not doing themselves any favours to alleviate the concerns of the ‘core’ gamer by looking to patent TV Achievements. Get rewarded for watching content and interacting with your Kinect… Just wrong guys. Really.

The Xbox One’s cloud apparently provides around three times the resources of a single console. So that’s three times the CPU and storage capacity of the core console, according to Jeff Henshaw – Microsoft group program manager of Xbox Incubation and Prototyping. [via OXM]

At E3, Microsoft have promised to reveal new games, but a report suggests they will also show off  more new hardware features, as well as the  Kinect’s ability to talk back to users. Big Brother is now watching and talking back to you… The console will also feature remote play – similar to the one featured on Sony’s PS4 – where a friend can help you through a tough spot in the game. [via Polygon]

Microsoft is overall a little bullish with their new console. Or at least, they’re pretty bullish about the sales of all next-gen consoles. An MS rep is predicting that the sales of the consoles could top 1 billion combined.

All Xbox One related domains registered since the reveal are being pursued by Microsoft. Why on earth didn’t they rather just do it before smarter and sharper business folk did? Microsoft has filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum in an effort to gain the domain names and after the they were registered last week by individuals outside the company. Bwahahaha. That’s what comes from keeping things close to your chest. [via Fusible]

Everything Else

Gran Turismo 6 will be coming to the PS3 as there is “still a lot of potential” – and a big installed base – on the current generation console according to PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan. And to be honest we agree 100% with him. [via PS Blog]

Fight Night has been put on hold while the EA Canada studio starts to focus on UFC. There may still be future boxing games, but for now, there will be a focus on beating people up with both hands and feet. [via IGN]

New screens for inFamous : Second Son have been released. You can head over to AllGamesBeta to see fireballs and stuff.

A new update for Black Ops 2 on consoles was released just before the weekend and fixes a number of multiplayer issues, fix Zombies bugs and rebalance some weapons. The FAL appears to be unchanged. A full list of the changes is available here.

GRID 2 Mono SupercarIf you have £125,000 burning a hole in your pocket, treat yourself to the most expensive game edition ever released. Codemasters has revealed the ‘Mono Edition’ for Grid 2. The Guinness World Record setting (for “Most Expensive Video Game Commercially Available – Special Edition:) is a GAME exclusive and includes the game, a PS3 to play it on and a real life 170mph BAC Mono Supercar. Holy shit. [via CVG]

Let’s stick with UK retailer GAME (seeing as things are looking better for them than last year). A Battlefield 4 ‘Deluxe Edition’ is exclusive to them, and comes with the game, the ‘China Rising’ DLC (featuring four new maps), plus fresh vehicles and gear. We’re pretty sure that the content will be available in SA too via the ‘Limited Edition’.

The International Trade Commission said that technology used in Xbox 360 doesn’t violate a patent owned by Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility. Yeah, not too sure what that’s all about either, other than that if the ruling gone the other way, the import of the console into the US would’ve been blocked. [via CVG]

What we do understand about Google is that it’s awesome for word searches and features Google Play. And Ninja Theory has announced a new game for the platform and iOS devices. The game is called Fightback and is a beat-’em-up which will be published by EA’s Chillingo arm.

A new Splinter Cell Blacklist developer diary video discussing the game’s Spies vs. Mercs co-op mode has been released by Ubisoft.

In-game footage from (apparently) Gran Turismo 6 has been posted on GTPlanet. It’s here, and we see no reason that it’s not legit.

Company of Heroes 2 has a new trailer. It’s all story related.

Microsoft has confirmed Halo ‘Bootcamp’ which appears to be a PC-bound Halo spin-off. [via CVG]

To end with we’ll let you play ‘spot the connection’ with the news above. Bungie has said it is keen to bring Destiny to the PC. [via IGN]

Have a good week all.