Breakfast Wrap 02Good morning. It’s that time of the week again… another day that’s not the start of the zombie apocalypse.


The PS4 1.51 firmware update will be available on Thursday in Europe  – the day before the console is due to release. The file is around 300MB in size and, can be pre-loaded onto a USB stick for installation. Instructions on how to install the update are here.

Sony has detailed the European PS4 launch events, which sees the console launch in 20 countries on 29 November, and a further 10 from 13 December. To see the full list of events, head over to the PlayStation Blog. Those attending the London event should note that Sony has a few consoles available for sale on a first come, first served basis.

Twitch is warning PS4 users that they will be banned from using the livestream service if they use it for non-game related broadcasts. This follows a banning wave of users who posted some questionable content over the weekend. These included a users who posted his partner naked on camera (while she appeared to be unconscious) and another which had a couple having sex on their couch. [More on CVG]

Meanwhile in Xbox One land, it appears some users are being banned from Skype and Upload Studios app. [More on Eurogamer]

UK Xbox One users are experiencing issues with the console’s TV integration. The 50hz feed leads to a ‘juddering’ picture, but an unofficial work-around is available here.

Xbox One buyers who are experiencing faulty disc drives will get a free digital download of one of the Microsoft Studios launch titles while they await their console replacement. [More on Polygon]


New DLC for Saints Row IV will be released on 11 December. ‘How the Saints Save Christmas’ will be free to Season Pass holders, while no standalone price has been revealed yet. The (obviously Christmas-themed) mission pack includes three new story-driven quests, there Christmas-themed weapons (Red Rider BB Gun,Christmas Dubstep gun, North Pole), and two vehicles (Flying Reindeer, Santa’s Sleigh).

Rather than rush a Halo title for the Xbox One launch, Microsoft Studios decided to focus on Halo 4 for the Xbox 360 instead. To ensure a Halo title with the Xbox One launch, Phil Spencer feels 343 Industries would have had to start work on it “two or three years ago”. [More on Kotaku]

The previously rumoured Lego The Hobbit game has been confirmed by Warner Bros. The game is due for release in spring [Northern Hemisphere] 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Vita, Wii U, 3DS, PC and Mac.

Horror series, Siren, may be coming back on the PS4. The title had not been announced by Sony until a press release by the Romanian wing of PlayStation listed it. [More on CVG]

A sequel to Deadly Premonition was in the works – and may still be – according to comments by developer Hidetaka ‘SWERY’ Suehiro in an interview with GamingBolt.

Rockstar Games has registered a trademark for “Bully Bullworth Academy: Canis Canem Edit” in Europe, leading to some speculation of a revisit to Bullworth Academy. [More on OXM]


The UK sales of the Xbox One were more than double that of the Xbox 360 in its first week of launch. The total number of Xbox Ones sold during the UK launch is 150,000 according to MCV. Worldwide, the sales of the Xbox One topped one million in less than 24 hours, with the console selling out at mot retailers. [More on CVG]

EA has announced that it has dropped their FIFA Manager franchise.

The UK prices for PS4 digital games has been revealed. All titles from EA cost £62.99 (compared to £54.99 for their Xbox One equivalents). Other titles cost as little as free on PS Plus, while Killzone Shadow Fall costs £52.99 and Call of Duty Ghosts costs £54.99. Full list of prices and download sizes available here.

Apple has confirmed that it has bought Israeli company PrimeSense – the inventors of technology running the Kinect. [More on CVG]

Amazon in the US has listed its Black Friday sale items. No ‘next-gen’ consoles are listed, but there are plenty of current-gen games available.

GameStop has confirmed its Black Friday specials. Battlefield 4 for $24.99, a $199 PS3 console bundle and a $199 Xbxo 360 console bundle are the highlights. More here.



If you want to watch a bunch of people in other countries celebrate the Xbox One launch, then head here. I can’t fill this page with other people’s smiling mugs and happiness over their new console.

A video of the voice control features on the PS4.

A Japanese TV commercial for Gran Turismo 6.

The developers of FlatOut, Bugbear Entertainment, have released a playable “technology sneak peek” demo of their Next Gar Game. The demo is only available to those that have pre-ordered the game. [More here]

Assassin’s Creed Pirates has been dated for release on iOS and Android devices. The game will be available from 5 December and will cost £2.99.

Final Fantasy IV The After Years has been released for iOS and Android. The full game is priced at £10.99/€14.49 in Europe.


This past weekend saw the MLG circuit hit Columbus, Ohio, and proved to add another injection into the world of international eSports. Speed Gaming grabbed the inaugural Dota 2 tournament hosted by MLG, and walked away with over $68,000 in in cash. Meanwhile, compLexity Gaming earned themselves $20,000 in cash for grabbing first place in the Call of Duty Ghosts tournament, making it their seventh Call of Duty championship this year.

A taster from the gaming documentary Die Noobs, which is due out in ‘Spring’ 2014.