News Wrap 01Good morning. Let’s just dive right in shall we?


Ten new Rockstar verified jobs have been announced for GTA Online. It includes Land Races, Deathmatches and Captures, and you can find details about them here.

FIA has certified four tracks in Gran Turismo 6, making it “the first-ever video game to have officially certified FIA content.” [More…]

Indie puzzler Road Not Taken will be available for PS4 and PC (via Steam) on 5 August. A PS Vita version will follow “this fall”.

United Front – the developers of Sleeping Dogs – are working on a new free-to-play planned for release in 2015. No further game details were given in the official release.

A new Afro Samurai game is in development at Redacted Studios and will be heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. No release date (or window) was revealed, but the studio said that “this upcoming third person action adventure includes an original storyline, new playable characters, and improved special moves and combos which firmly establishes the franchise as the undisputed leader in dynamic dismemberment.” 

Blizzard has detailed the location of the upcoming World Of Warcraft: Warlords Of Draenor expansion. “Your first steps into Draenor will be within the wilds of Tanaan Jungle, where the Iron Horde has staged their assault on Azeroth,” it says on the official blog.

Consoles & Hardware

The PlayStation Now beta will expand to Sony TVs in the US from 30 June. [More…]

Razer has revealed an Android TV-powered micro console. The unnamed device will offer content including “movies, music and other apps”, but with more of a focus on ‘hardcore gaming’. It will be available this “fall”. [More…]


Ex-Stalker devs have launched a Kickstarter for a new post-apocalyptic survival game called Areal, which is the “definitive spiritual successor” to Stalker according to the new studio called West Games. However, Vostok Games is now planning legal action against the claims made by West Games. [More…]

Minecraft is closing in on a combined sales total of 54 million units across all platforms, with the console sales now more than sales for the PC version. [More…]

Oculus and Zenimax are still fighting. Oculus is now accusing ZeniMax of trying to cash in on the $2 billion Facebook deal. We’re pretty sure that might have played a role in the decision to file a lawsuit. [More…]

Screenshots & Concept Art


Six new titles will be available in July for the PS Plus Instant Game Collection. From 2 July the following will be available: Towerfall Ascension and Strider on PS4, Dead Space 3 and Vessel on PS3 and LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes and Doki-Doki Universe on PS Vita.

The EU PS Store has been updated and means the usual array of pre-orders, new titles, add-ons and other content. And sale items. Full details can be found here.

The launch trailer for Valiant Hearts: The Great War. The game is now available for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

A CGI trailer for Sacred 3.

Some footage from Killing Floor 2.

It’s Godzilla on the PS3. We had no idea it even existed. [More…]

Zagara (from Starcraft 2) will be joining the cast of Heroes of the Storm.

Zelda in Hyrule Warriors.