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Blizzard has at last announced that there is an Xbox One version of Diablo 3 but are not yet in a position to officially announce the game, as they “don’t know where [they] are with Microsoft right now”. [More on Videogamer]

The Achievements and Trophies for BioShock Infinite‘s Burial at Sea Episode 2 have hit the internet. Don’t head to NeoGAF is you want to avoid spoilers.

A new Titanfall server update has gone live and fixes a number of bugs. The patch notes can be found on the Respawn forums.

EA wants to give their upcoming Star Wars games a treatment similar to what Warner Bros. and Rocksteady did to the Batman Arkham series. It’s more about “deep and immersive storylines” than flowing combat we assume. [More on CVG]

An unannounced Xbox One title is being developed by an “awesome” Japanese studio and is something “never seen before”. It will be revealed at the Tokyo Games Show. [More on DualShockers]

The original Hotline Miami will be coming to the PS4. Owners of the PS3 or PS Vita version will be able to get it at no additional cost. No date or price has been announced otherwise. [More on CVG]

OlliOlli has been confirmed for PS4, PS3 and PC. It currently has a release window of “Summer 2014”.

Arma 3 won’t be coming to consoles, even though developer Bohemia has PS4 and Xbox One dev kits. However, that might change for their next game, which is “becoming much more likely to be multiplatform.” [More on Eurogamer]

Atari has confirmed a PC version of Rollercoaster Tycoon 4, and have promised that it will be a “completely different game” to the recently announced mobile version. [More on Digital Spy]

There are 17 Unity powered indie games coming to the Wii U in the next two months, along with over another 50 in the pipelines. [More on Siliconera]


The rumoured update for the PS4 due in April may not actually bring game pre-loading just yet. According to a Sony rep speaking to Polygon: “We know that it is the feature you’ve been asking for and we are considering it accordingly,” but there’s no “specific details to announce at this point in time”.

The MLG app has been released for the Xbox 360 – just in time for Call of Duty Championship… The app is only available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, and allows users watch’s gaming content including coverage of the latest MLG tournaments. [More on CVG]

System update 3.02 for the PS Vita will increase the number of apps on the home screen to 500, introduce voice messaging, enhanced parental controls, a calendar and more user control over memory card usage.

Ouya has announced that it will droop the policy that requires developers to release a free-to-play (or demo) version of their games. [More on CVG]


GDC 2014 broke attendance records with more than 24,000 registered visitors. [More on CVG]

The UK plans to shut a tax loophole that will mean gamers in the UK will pay more for games bought online. According to the Guardian, games and entertainment will be taxed according to the laws of the country they’re bought in. So South Africa is a trendsetter then…

Screenshots & Concept Art


Microsoft has released this video which previews five of its upcoming games in the ID@Xbox Program. Xbox’s Phil Harrison believes indie titles can be system sellers.

A developer diary for Planetside 2 and its upcoming updates. Still no word on the PS4 version though.

Trials Frontier will be releasing on iOS devices on 10 April. Celebrate by watching this trailer.

New tracks and multiplayer will be included in Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved… If you care. We don’t either.