Breakfast Wrap 04Good morning. Let’s not fill this with mindless chit-chat and get to it shall we?

The PlayStation 4 Party Chat will support up to eight users at once. Let the online parties begin.

Sony has confirmed that real names will be usable from launch with the PS4. You will be able to identify yourself either with your real name or PSN ID on the console from day one. Microsoft announced earlier this week that thisoption would only become available post launch. [More on Kotaku]

You can stand as close as 1.4m to the Xbox One Kinect according to what is claimed to be a leaked manual. [More on Eurogamer]

A number of details and images from the next generation versions of FIFA 14 have been released by EA. Rather than regurgitated the information here like a dirty fly, we’ll send you to the source, right here.

The bonus content for the PlayStation versions of Assassin’s Creed IV and Watch_Dogs is a timed exclusive for six months and will become available for other platforms after that has expired. [via CVG]

A number of zombie related games are on sale on the EU PS Store. Most of these titles advocate zombie genocide, but who are we to stop you from enjoying cheap thrills? Details here.

Enter the Dominatrix. Sounds dirty right? Well, it’s Saints Row IV DLC so to expect anything else is just foolish. It is also available now for £4.69, and weighs in at 614.56 MB on Xbox 360.

The Dark Souls 2 beta will be open to EU PS Plus subscribers on 27 October. The beta will start at 7am and last only three hours until 10am (UK time).

The HD remake of Assassin’s Creed Liberation will be available on the US PS Store on 14 January 2014 for $19.99. The PC version will be available the following day, while the Xbox 360 version is still to be dated.

While Wii production has ceased in Japan, this has not changed the status of the console in the US. One can assume that goes for Europe too then. [More on GameSpot]

Ken Levine – Irrational Games co-founder and BioShock designer – will receive a special Lifetime Achievement award at the 2013 Golden Joystick Awards this Friday. [More on CVG]

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is now available for Android devices.


The launch trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins. Things are personal.

How To Survive is available now on Xbox 360 and Steam for the price of $14.99.

The EU PS Store update sees Batman: Arkham Origins, Rocksmith 2014, and plenty more available. Video below, or written details here.

The “most powerful next-generation console” shows off hardware and games in this PS4 video.

A new gameplay video for Soulcalibur 2 HD Online.

A classic hotlap from Estoril featuring Nigel Mansell. F1 2013 is the game in case you were wondering.

The trailer for the anime film Bayonetta: Bloody Fate.