Breakfast Wrap 06Phew.  Made it to the end of the week.  Thanks for sticking it out with us.  Let’s end the week with a bumper gaming news wrap.

Yes, we’ll start with this week’s big news story.  Xbox One.  Other than every poll ever showing people were disappointed with the Tuesday reveal event due to a focus on applications most saw as unnecessary, the raw power of the console has been questioned too.  As has the authenticity of the demonstration onstage.

The lack of games shown at the event also came under fire, but Microsoft has promised that E3 will be “all about the games”.

Meanwhile, following promises of a big Xbox 360 announcement at E3, EA has said that it plans to support the Xbox 360 and PS3 until 2017.  So instead of getting rid of your current console so that you can complain about lack of backward compatibility, keep the damn thing. [via CVG]

Microsoft has registered Kinect One and Xbox Fitness domains, prompting speculation of of the name of its next-gen Kinect sensor [I thought it was already Kinect 2.0 – Undead Ed] and an upcoming exercise game.  Meh. [via Eurogamer]

So, do you think the whole Xbox One TV thing will be a waste in South Africa?  Maybe it will be, but DStv and Microsoft SA will be chatting in the future about it still, as DStv operator Multichoice told MyGaming: “MultiChoice has not had any discussions with Microsoft about the TV initiative on its newly launched Xbox One. Our focus is to continually enhance the viewing experience of our customers on our DStv service, across a range of different platforms. To this end, we are always open to discuss possible partnership and cooperation agreements with external parties. Just recently we entered into such an agreement with Samsung across the African continent.”

The first third party peripherals manufacturer planning to bring headsets to the Xbox One is… Turtle Beach.  No real surprise there actually.  The new headsets ill use the Xbox One’s new proprietary data port. “In Turtle Beach we have a partner that can help Microsoft deliver world class gaming audio experiences to our customers,” Microsoft Director of Strategic Alliances Branden Powell said. [via CVG]

The Special Edition and Collector’s Edition for GTA V has been revealed, and pre-ordering them gets you a blimp.  Actually, there’s a lot more in each edition, including a safety deposit bag, map, cap and stuff for in-game (including the aforementioned blimp).  For full details on the contents – which is not yet confirmed for SA – head to Rockstar’s site.

Dying Light_PosterThe zombie genocide will not be stopped in our lifetime it seems.  Techland has announced their new zombie slaying game Dying Light which really sounds like a cross between Dead Island and Parkour.  The game will arrive on pretty much every console available in 2014, and we can wait.  Hardly wait too, we suppose… We weren’t too impressed with the screens released, as they looked almost exactly like Dead Island, but if you want to see them, head to AllGamesBeta.  The poster is nice though…

Mirror’s Edge 2 has been listed by the German arm of Amazon.  As spotted by AllGamesBeta.

The Black Ops 2 ‘Revolution’ DLC pack will be available to all this weekend for free.  This is a temporary thing, and after the weekend, those that have downloaded it will need to pay to access it.  This ‘deal’ is also only available on Xbox 360.

Sony is considering putting its film studio and music business up for sale, which equates to around 20% of its entertainment division. [via CVG]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be available for PS3 and PC on 27 August.  Monthly subscriptions for the online game will start at £7.69/€10.99/$12.99.

EA continues to try and sort out SimCity issues.  A new patch (4.0) is now out and brings new locations as well as re-activating dormant features.  For full details of what is in the patch, check out the EA Forums.


A live action web series for Payday 2 has been announced by means of this teaser trailer.  The series kicks off in “two weeks” time.  It looks pretty damn decent.

It’s live action announcement day.  Bungie has released ‘The Law of the Jungle’ live action and CGI trailer for Destiny.  Expect the first gameplay reveal at Sony’s E3 conference on 10 June.

That loony Saints Row IV has launched the ‘Hail to the Chief’ video series.  It’s dubstep, underwear wearing presidents and craziness galore.  All in only 30 seconds.

It’s a Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate trailer featuring people getting beaten up.  Violence is such an ugly thing.

Aw cute.  It’s Disney Infinity stuff.

Finally, let’s end with that news story on everyone’s lips.  The Xbox One.  This is what the game case will look like.  I like it.  Clean and simple.

Xbox One_Boxart