Gaming News Wrap [24 June 2013]

Breakfast Wrap 07A new week. A new hope. A new start to the amazing (confirmed in a snap poll of two participants) Gaming News Wrap. Let’s get into it then shall we?

Sony has resolved the issues with the PS3 4.45 update which caused some consoles to “brick”. The fixed version of the update will roll out on Thursday 27 June and brings the ability for users to switch trophy notifications off and “improves general performance”. No word on what will be done for the “small number” of PS3s which are unusable now. [via CVG]

Sony looks like they plan to follow Microsoft’s route of releasing new versions of their current generation console. Two new models of the PS3 has been certified, suggesting revised (again) versions of the console. [via CVG]

Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer is keen to bring State of Decay to the Xbox One, and possibly as an MMO – something developer Undead Labs themselves are keen to do. [via OXM]

Speaking to GameSpot, Spencer also discussed the future of the Halo franchise. The 343 Industries developed ‘Reclaimer’ trilogy is now shaping up to be more of a “saga”. They “don’t want to limit the Reclaimer story within a trilogy” and the Halo Xbox One entry to the series is evidence of that.

Activision is confident that their two shooters – Destiny and Call of Duty – will “peacefully coexist” when they arrive within months of each other. CEO Eric Hirshberg said: “They’re very different games made by very different creative visionaries. I think that they can peacefully coexist with one another.” I’ll be getting both as I never saw them as competing with one another. Halo and Destiny however… [via IGN]

Activision also has big hopes for Destiny, with Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg saying the “potential is huge” and that the publishers has made a “sizeable investment. It’s probably one of the biggest investments in a new IP that’s ever been made in this industry. We wouldn’t be making that investment if we didn’t believe in the potential.” [via IGN]

Square Enix has announced several “strategic changes” to its Western business. These changes are mainly management based at their Hitman and Deus Ex studios. [via CVG]

EA is focusing on “not to screw up” their next generation engine (Ignite) for EA Sports titles. That’s good to hear. But why would you do it any other way? [via MCV]

Dead Rising 3 will feature exclusive missions to Xbox One players who have a smartphone or tablet device running Xbox SmartGlass. “After you launch the [SmartGlass] app, it notices that Dead Rising is currently being played, press a button, and in kicks our phone. It actually skins your phone to be like the phone from the game’s universe,” explained executive producer Josh Bridge to Siliconera. He did go on to say that it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to complete the main story without SmartGlass, you’ll just be “getting more out of the game.”

The Australian government may be stepping in to help save Whore of the Orient by Team Bondi and KMM. A $200,000 government grant has been presented to KMM by Screen NSW – the governmental organization that handles filming and related activities in and around Sydney, Australia. [via Game Informer]

Injustice: Gods Among Us will be getting two pieces of DLC in July. A ‘Man of Steel’ character skin for Superman will set you back 80MSP, while the General Zod playable character will be available on Xbox LIVE for 400MSP and PlayStation Network at a price of €4.99/£3.99.

Gearbox has released the first five minutes of the ‘Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep’ DLC for Borderlands 2. Don’t watch if you want to experience all yourself.

The second episode of the PayDay 2 web series has been released.

Namco Bandai has announced Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z for PS3, Vbox 360 and Vita. No release date has been announced.

A developer diary focusing on the singleplayer campaign of Company of Heroes 2 has been released.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is now out on the Vita. But here’s the launch trailer, even though it’s a few days late.

That Jimmy Fallon got his hands on Call of Duty: Ghosts. Badly, we might add. It’s the same demo as E3 but with less capable hands controlling Riley.

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