News Wrap 02It’s the gaming news you can use. Or at least wax lyrically about to anyone you can force to listen to you.

PSA: “Destiny and are being taken offline for maintenance on Tuesday, February 24th, from 10AM Pacific to Noon.” [via Twitter]


A number of leaked images have revealed some the new gear, vehicles and weapons heading to GTA Online as part of the ‘Heists’ DLC.

There appears to no longer be a guarantee that the PS Plus version of DriveClub will ever see the light of day. SCEE president Jim Ryan spoke about the status of the game and more in an interview with Metro.

The Division might well appear by way of an Alpha test before the game’s release. Data mining of the game’s website by people a lot smarter than us revealed a section dedicated to an Alpha test, which is likely to go live when an announcement is made. [More…]

It looks like ‘Feudal Japan’ is set to be the first skin pack for Mortal Kombat X if a new image doing the round is to be believed.

Blizzard is considering microtransactions for Diablo 3, but it is likely to only be in certain regions of the world. [More…]


Xbox will have “a lot of surprises” at E3 this year. Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg said in an interview to “expect a lot of surprises. Expect us to talk a lot about games,” and that Xbox owners will “leave really, really, really happy in the investment you made. And if you’re undecided, we hope that you will look at what we deliver on games and want to buy an Xbox.” [More…]

Valve will be showing off their VR headset, various upcoming Steam Machines, “new living room devices” and the final Steam Controller at GDC. GDC is scheduled for 2 March in San Francisco.

Nvidia is facing legal action as a result of “misleading consumers” with the specifications of the GTX 970 GPU. [More…]


The screenshot capture option for the Xbox One should be available for all in March, and here’s a handy video guide on grabbing the perfect shot.

Some details of the new Inferno Crucible modes for Destiny have been leaked.

Half an hour of gameplay footage from the cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun has appeared online.

Catch more than an hour of gameplay footage of Yakuza Zero on the PS4.

A live action short film – entitled ‘The Last Supply Drop’ – has been made to celebrate Dying Light and tells the story about “four quarantine survivors’ last ditch attempt to get to an air-drop full of crucial supplies”.