News Wrap 08Good morning. It’s our absolute pleasure to bring you the Gaming News Wrap again. Brains will suffice as a thank you.


The EU PS Plus content for May has been revealed. On PS4 you can grab ‘Stick it to the Man’, while PS3 gets ‘Puppeteer’ and ‘Payday 2’. PS Vita gamers can download ‘Muramasa Rebirth’ and ‘Everybody’s Golf’. More details available on the PlayStation Blog.

A new update for the PC and Xbox versions of Call of Duty Ghosts has added ”Chaos’ mode to Extinction, as well as fixing bugs and tweaking the game. [More on CVG]

There is no new powers associated with the new DLC – ‘Paper Trail’ – coming to inFamous Second Son. [via Twitter]

Royce Gracie – the legendary Brazilian fighter – will be an unlockable character in EA Sports UFC by beating the career mode. [More on CVG]

Lords of the Fallen developer Tomasz Gop has said that it’s “slightly tougher” to get higher resolutions on the Xbox One than PS4. The developers are aiming to get the game running “full HD 1080p and have a stable, rock-solid 30fps, rather than try to lower the resolution and push it to 60fps”. [More on IGN]

Skylanders: Trap Team has been announced by Activision. The game will head to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U and 3DS on 5 October in the US and 10 October in Europe. [More on CVG]

Minecraft for the PS4 and PS Vita is expected in ‘Q2 or Q3’. [More on CVG]

A £60 digital PC edition of Dragon Age Inquisition is available for pre-order and includes unique mounts, weapons, armour and other bonuses.

Sims fans, you can rest easy. EA will be showcasing The Sims 4 at E3 this year. [via Twitter]

Goat Simulator is about to get an update which will add split-screen multiplayer and… parkour?! [More on Facebook]

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be out for Android devices “soon”. [via Twitter]


SOE’s ‘All Access Pass‘, which allows players access to the top-tier membership level in PC games, including EverQuest, EverQuest II, DC Universe Online, PlanetSide 2 and Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes for a monthly fee of $14.99, has been delayed until 29 April. [More on SOE Forums]

Just Dance Now domain names have been spotted, suggesting that Ubisoft will be releasing a new Just Dance title bearing the Now moniker sometime in the future. [More on VG24/7]

Only 2.2% of free-to-play players actually spend any money according to a survey of 10 million mobile gamers. [More on Eurogamer]

The US Federal Trade Commission has approved Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR. In related news, Sony has said that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had requested a demo of their PS4 VR headset one week before the controversial acquisition. [More on GameSpot]

China has released new content guidelines for console games. A number of guidelines will need to be adhered to for products to be approved for release in the country. [More on CVG]

Zynga founder Mark Pincus has stepped down from his role as chief product officer.[More on Re/Code]


Japan will be getting the Xbox One on 4 September. We assume it’s closely tied with the release date for the other 25 countries getting the console in September, including South Africa. [More on Gematsu]


The EU PlayStation Store has been updated. As always, there’s new content including titles, add-ons, updates and discounted goods. Full list is available here, or you can enjoy the video highlights.

This is what an edited video with the PS4’s SHAREfactory can look like. Or you can hopefully do better…

Over eight minutes of Watch_Dogs multiplayer.

The classes of Destiny.

A trailer for Project CARS. It features… cars. The game is coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam OS & WiiU “starting November 2014.”

Some fresh footage from Outcast Reboot HD.

A 30-minute World of Warcraft developer documentary which details the new features and changes coming as part of Warlords of Draenor.

The launch trailer for The Walking Dead Season 2 on the PS Vita. Each episode is priced at £3.99/€4.99/$4.99 individually. 

Do you still use PlayStation Home? Then the Gesture Packs are just for you.