ws_Cup_of_Coffee_2560x1600Good morning. We’re pretty sure many will have taken today off too in South Africa to ensure an extra long weekend, so we’ve kinda done so too. Kinda. Not really.

Kinect-like navigation will be coming to the PS4 post launch according to Sony. That’s because the the features of the PlayStation Eye camera “could go deeper”. [More on Eurogamer]

The PS4 will make a profit for Sony after two additional purchases by the consumer. According to Masayasu Ito (senior VP of the PlayStation business) a PS Plus subscription and launch game would make the system profitable. [More on Eurogamer]

According to Mark Cerny, developers of major first-person shooters were consulted during the design process of the DualShock 4. During this process it was apparently found that “two joysticks on the same level works perfectly well.” [More on IGN]

The interest in PS Vita TV in the West is stronger than Sony expected. That’s a good thing, as it means Sony will ensure it does actually release in the region. [More on Eurogamer]

Sony is launching the PS4 in Japan after the West as there is a lack of good launch titles for the region. Mark Cerny said: “Perhaps you could say that a few western developers have been more aggressive in readying titles for the hardware.” [More on Eurogamer]

The Xbox One can read the HDMI signal of the PS4, theoretically allowing the Microsoft console to “host” the Sony console. This will allow you to multitask between the consoles. [More on GameSpot]

Do not stand your Xbox One vertically. Should you choose to do so, you do so at your own risk, as Microsoft didn’t “design the drive for vertical [orientation].” Apparently “80 per cent of people, believe it or not, have their Xbox 360 horizontal”. [More on GameSpot]

GTA V has seen its retail sales surpass $1 billion in just three days, prompting Rockstar to claim that it has done so faster than any entertainment property. And who are we to argue?

The open world prologue Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes will run at 60 frames per second on next-gen consoles and 30 frames per second on current-gen consoles. [More on Eurogamer]

Deep Down has been announced as a free-to-play title with a beta expected near the launch of the PS4 in Japan. [via AllGamesBeta]

A post launch update for PES 2014 will unlock multiplayer modes in the game, as they were not all available at launch. A day one patch has unlocked the Friendly Match Lobby, Ranking Match and Master League Online multiplayer modes. A second patch will be available “in the weeks after the initial launch” and will add the 11 vs. 11 multiplayer features. [More on CVG]

The Achievement lists for both Assassin’s Creed IV and Batman: Arkham Origins have hit the internet. Click on the title’s link if you don’t mind a few spoilers.

Valve will be making three announcements this week. From today, the firm will be announcing “the steps [they’re] taking to make Steam more accessible on televisions and in the living room”. You can keep your eye on the Steam website.

The second community-made map pack for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, entitled ‘Operation Bravo’ has been released by Valve. You can unlock the eight new maps for $5.99, making them available to play on official servers in Causal, Deathmatch and Competitive modes.

Colin Farrell is being tipped for the lead role in the upcoming World of Warcraft movie. actress Paula Patton (Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol) is also negotiating for a lead role according to sources. [More on CVG]


Assassin’s Creed IV multiplayer trailer.

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death – developed by ZootFly – is now available on Xbox Live Games and Steam for $14.99.

Meet Sadira from Killer Instinct.

Metal Gear Solid V day time gameplay demo.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII extended trailer.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (originally released in 2008 on Wii and PSP) is coming to iOS and Android devices, Square Enix has announced. It will be out in the northern hemisphere’s winter.