Breakfast Wrap 06Good morning on this South African public holiday. Not that zombies really understand the meaning of these human traditions. So we’re here, giving you the news, because we’re brain undead like that.


In case you missed it (because we mentioned it yesterday), ‘Naval Strike’ for Battlefield 4 will release on 25 March for Battlefield Premium members. Everyone else must wait until 8 April to get their hands on it.

You can play the ‘Onslaught’ DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts for free this weekend on Xbox Live. After Monday, you can’t, so enjoy it while you can.

Titanfall 2 is to be published by EA and will be released on multiple platforms, according to GameSpot and Polygon sources.

Nvidia and Respawn will be working together on bringing 4k resolution to the PC version of Titanfall. [More on CVG]

A day one patch for inFamous: Second Son will introduce 19 new mission that amount to around five hours of additional gameplay. The content is part of the ‘Paper Trail’ storyline, but the the 300mb update also includes the pre-order bonus Cole’s Legacy Content Pack, along with a variety of tweaks and improvements. [More on Videogamer]

FIFA Ultimate Team is celebrating five years, and is giving away free packs. If you log in before Monday you will receive five free Gold Rare Packs, with twelve rare players and items which cannot be traded or sold. There will also be discounted packs until Monday, so get shopping managers. [More on CVG]

DriveClub will not support Sony’s VR headset Project Morpheus. [More on GameSpot]

A beta for the PC version of Trials Fusion has been announced. Details and screens here.

Papers,Please – a game about immigration – has walked off with three awards at the 2014 Independent Games Festival. [More on CVG]


DirectX 12 has been announced and GDC and will work across all Microsoft platforms, including the Xbox One. No release date was announced. [More on CVG]

Restrictions on the supply of the PS4 will be limited until “into the early summer months,” as the company is “struggling to keep up with demand”. [More on Wall Street Journal]

PS4 game pre-loading is expected to arrive in April according to inFamous: Second Son developer Sucker Punch. [via Twitter]

The lightbar on the DualShock 4 will be getting an option to dim it in a future update. It will however, not be switched off. [More on CVG]

You can expect there to be “a lot of VR multiplayer” experiences in the future according to Dave Raynard, studio director at Sony London Studio, who also says they’re “really focused on making it [Project Morpheus] a social experience”. [More on CVG]

Sony has enhanced its support for the independent game developers by way of new tools and middleware solutions. They have entered into partnerships to bring native solutions from popular middleware vendors GameMaker:Studio and MonoGame to their latest console. [More on CVG]


Ubisoft feels that Virtual Reality will only be viable after one million sales, and that Sony and Oculus will need to drive early adoption of their respective VR devices to gain third party support. [More on GameSpot]

The PS4 Camera has sold to the tune of around 900,000 units since launch. Supply is severely constrained and consumers are asked to “please be patient”. [More on GameSpot]

Sony is reportedly making a PSN TV show based on the comic series ‘Powers‘. The series will be produced in-house as ten one-hour episodes. [More on Wall Street Journal]

The new game from the new Irrational Games may not feature any cutscenes. At GDC, Irrational’s  Shawn Robertson said: “We need to push past cutscenes for what’s narrative in games. I want to bridge that gap between high fidelity and high interactivity.”

Peter Molyneux says you should “never underestimate Nintendo” and that they are “probably one hardware release away from something that utterly convinces us that they know exactly what the future of games should be.” [via IGN]

Square Enix‘s vice president of strategic marketing Karl Stewart has announced his departure from the company after eight years.


The ‘Exclusive Content’ trailer for the PlayStation versions of Watch Dogs. [More on PlayStation Blog]

A new trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect. Concept art can be seen here.

A Wolfenstein The New Order gameplay video, as well as a developer giary.

You can watch Valve’s eSports documentary Free to Play for free now.

Alpha footage from Mighty No. 9.

Hideo Kojima infiltrates Micromania.