Breakfast Wrap 01Good day to you all. Let’s get this week off to a start shall we?


Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now available for pre-order on the Xbox One. The game can be downloaded – but will be playable – before its 11 November 2014 release date. The game has gone gold and will launch with a 20GB day one update. [More…]

Evolution is still “working hard to get the PS Plus Edition of DriveClub out as soon as possible and hope to update you on this soon.” [via Facebook]

Project Cars has been delayed until March 2015 to allow “the game the greatest chance of success and visibility, and the opportunity to polish the game even further to the high standards that both ourselves and our community demand and expect.” The game will now be available on 17 March 2015 in the Americas, 20 March in Europe and Australasia, and 21 March in the UK.

The third DLC pack for Titanfall on the Xbox 360 – IMC Rising – will be released on 21 October. The DLC will be priced at £7.99/$9.99 standalone or ‘free’ as part of the £19.99/$29.99 Titanfall season pass.

A new leak of Destiny details has revealed a new set of raid gear to be included in December’s The Dark Below DLC. [More…]

The Trine series has sold over seven million copies over the two game released across eight platforms. A new level editor has been released for the PC version via Steam and players can “edit existing maps to their liking, create entirely new ones from scratch, or even create a completely different game.”

Consoles & Hardware

An upcoming update (version 3.35) will add four-player Remote Play support to the PS Vita and PS TV. No confirmed release date for the update has been announced. [More…]

Apple has revealed the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. The iPad Air 2 will be priced from £399/$499/AU$619, while the iPad Mini 3 start at £319/$399/AU$499. [More…]


The Hitman: Agent 47 movie has reportedly been delayed by six months and will now be out on 28 August 2015. [More…]

The Minecraft movie may have got a director. Warner Bros is in talks with Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy. [More…]


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launch trailer. Get ready for 4 November.

A trailer for the documentary Remaking The Legend – Halo 2 Anniversary.

Some ‘friendly competition’ in this new PlayStation TV commercial.

Check out the upcoming Dreams of Ice patch 2.4 for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

The first expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Online has been revealed and it’s called ‘Heavensward’ and will arrive in Spring 2015.

If you have the time – an don’t mind spoilers – here’s the first five hours of Lords of the Fallen.

Neocore Games’ Deathtrap gets early access on Steam on 22 October.