Breakfast Wrap 06Hi everyone. Another day, another Gaming News Wrap. Aren’t you happy for those sort of guarantees in life?


Bungie has announced a free limited time Destiny demo for Xbox 360 and PS3, while a trial is available for Xbox One and PS4. The downloads weigh in at about 6GB on last-gen consoles and 20GB on current-gen systems. [More…]

GTA Online account transfers between last and current-gen versions of the game are now working on all platforms as originally planned. [More…]

Ubisoft is investigating a few problems surrounding the Far Cry 4‘s launch, including crashes, data corruption and missing DLC codes. [More…] Oh, and if you pirated the PC version of the game, there is no FOV (field of view) control…

MMO Defiance is now free-to-play on Xbox 360. You can now play through the game’s main campaign for free, and get additional content in £7.99 packs or a £26.99 season pass.

The minimum and recommended PC specs for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes have been confirmed.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn has been hit with a DDOS attack which is causing login and server issues, but Square Enix has said that no customer data is in danger.


EA’s Blake Jorgensen expects the new-gen installed base to exceed 25 million units after Christmas, and believes that after Sony took the early lead, Xbox One sales are quickly catching up to the PS4. [More…]

Members of the Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed teams in Ubisoft Montreal have been given a green light to work on “something new”. Far Cry 4’s Alex Hutchinson said that the “challenge then is to keep costs down and make something that competes at a high level.” [More…]


The PS Store update for Europe brings fresh titles like Far Cry 4, GTA V, Dragon Age: Inquisition and more. There’s also a bunch of add-ons and other items, as well as savings on Anime related games. Full details of the Store update can be found here.

Respawn Entertainment has announced the ‘Deluxe Edition’ of Titanfall, which features the game and all the DLC. It is available digitally now for PC ($39.99) and will be available for Xbox One via the Store next week.

Twelve minutes of Evolve gameplay featuring the medic of the pack, Caira.

The Xbox One and PS4 launch trailer for WWE 2K15.

A ‘combat-free fantasy MMO’ called Wander has been announced for the PS4. It is expected to launch in March 2015.