Breakfast Wrap 06Good morning all. Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You made it to the weekend again.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will bring plenty of new elements to the tried and tested Call of Duty multiplayer. Sledgehammer says “you’re going to find that new is what it’s all about” and that “it’s a big step forward.” We will be the judges of that thank you very much. [More…]

The ‘Invasion’ DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts will hit PS3, PS4 and PC on 3 July.

Images of the Destiny Android app have hit the internet. Once released, the mobile and tablet app will provide access to stats, lore and social services, as well as other features.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition will be out for Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U on 1 July in North America and 2 July in Europe. It will sell for £11.99 / €13.99 / $14.99.

Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics are now available on Steam again after a six month absence. Each game costs £7.99/$9.99 or £13.99/$19.99 as a bundle. Up until 30 June, each game has been discounted to £3.99/$4.99 each, with the bundle costing £9.09/$12.99. [More…]

Consoles & Hardware

The MLG app is now available for the Xbox One. Just in time for MLG Anaheim. [More…]

Bungie and Sony were collaborating long before their current best-buddies persona. Bungie helped make the PS4 controller better for shooters. [More…]

Sales & Discounts

In case it went by unnoticed, the Steam Summer Sale is now on until 30 June. Daily deals and flash sales (every eight hours) sees some games discounted by up to 85%. Keep your eyes on Steam.


Sony is planning to release fewer first-party titles for the PS Vita, with indies and third-party games now being the focus going forward. [More…]

Sony shareholders have voted to retain Kazuo Hirai as CEO (along with other top executives) even though the firm has lost money for six of the last seven years. [More…]

Microsoft will continue to support Rare, even following the move away from Kinect and recent lay offs at the developer. According to Phil Harrison, the  studio is “working on a couple of things” which will be announced “at the right time.” [More…]

Atari‘s comeback approach “in the digital age of entertainment includes online video games, online casinos, exclusive video content, and a robust licensing business including hardware and apparel”. [More…]

Screenshots & Concept Art


Ubisoft wraps up E3 2014 with their very own video wrap.

The launch trailer for GRiD Autosport.

The first major update for Trials Fusion has been released. It introduces online tournaments to the racing game which run for a limited time and give players multiple opportunities to place on the leaderboards to win rider gear, bike parts, in-game cash and experience points. The update also makes ten player-created tracks available cross-platform through Track Central. An Xbox One demo of the game is also now available.

A developer diary for Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

30 minutes of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay.

Sixty Second Shooter Prime has launched on Xbox One for £3.99 as the sixth ID@Xbox title.

Here is the movie for you. If you’re a fan of video games. Video Games: The Movie is out via iTunes or the official site on 15 July.