Gaming News Wrap [20 June 2013]

News Wrap 04Good morning gamers. What’s new in the gaming world? It’s probably in here.

If you missed it, Microsoft has made an about turn regarding its internet requirement and DRM policies for the Xbox One.

Before you panic and think some of the publishers will instigate their own form of DRM, EA has said they have no plans to bring back their Online Pass. [via Polygon]

Cliffy B (can we still call you that) has his own theories on this turn around by Microsoft. “Sony forced Microsoft’s hand, not the internet whining” he said via a series of tweets. He went on to mention capitalism and other ‘facts’ to back himself. He did warn that you can now expect “more tacked on multiplayer and DLC” and that we’re “about to see available microtransactions skyrocket.” He’s actually probably a little right on that. [via CVG]

The PS4 Launch Edition has already been sold out on Amazon. Clearly gamers are talking with their wallets. Are you listening to that now Microsoft? [via Forbes]

Sony has said that the Vita was “developed for PS4, much more than PS3”. SCE UK managing director Fergal Gara reckons this will give the underperforming handheld a “a shot in the arm”. [via CVG]

Sony has no plans to cut the price of the PS3. In an interview with GI International, Fergal Gara said: “There’s no plans as yet… The PlayStation 3 is a system where it hasn’t been particularly easy to get the costs down… We continue to look at opportunities, there may or may not be any more, I genuinely can’t answer to that.”

The PS Plus EU store update in July will bring some fabulous titles to subscribers. Battlefield 3, Saints Row The Third, Payday: The Heist, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Unit 13 will be available for July. [via PlayStation Blog]

The EU PlayStation Store has had its weekly update, and as always there are plenty of new games and other goodies to grab. Get the full details here.

Mass Effect 4 will “borrow” – or share – game systems from Dragon Age 3 to speed up development. BioWare Montreal studio director Yanick Roy said: “Yes, since we share engine, we can start from some of DA3’s core systems instead of from scratch.” [via CVG]

EA has a new IP in development and will reveal it when it’s ready. The publisher has a number of new titles planned and announced already, including TitanFall, Mirror’s Edge, Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed Rivals. [via CVG]

Suda 51 will be using the Unreal Engine 4 for his studio’s (Grasshopper Manufacture) next-gen games. [via Joystiq]

Bethesda has explained why there has been so much silence around Prey 2. “It’s simply not good enough” said Bethesda VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines, and “When we have more info than that, we’ll let you know”. OK then. [via IGN]

Ashes Cricket 2013 has been delayed to July. This has been done to give “cricket fans the best possible gaming experience to compliment this historic back to back Ashes year.”

Battlefield 4 has a spectator mode, meaning the game has possibly bigger eSports aspirations than ever before. DICE has detailed it all in this video.

The launch trailer for Spartacus Legends has been launched. It’s violent, bloody and best of all… FREE!

Jimmy Fallon got to play with a PS4 – much like he got to play with the Xbox One earlier in the week. He is still pretty poor on it…

MMO The War Z has been renamed Infestation: Survivor Stories, following a copyright claim. Other than the name change, the game goes on unaffected. [via CVG]

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