Gaming News Wrap [2 Dec 2013]

News Wrap 01Good morning. Oops. You’re quite correct. It’s not. The News Wrap is brought to you late today due to a zombie having to go back to school and due to the holidays in America, which means there was not a lot of news over the past few days.


Unexpectedly, there were reported issues with PSN sign-ins following the launch of the PS4 in Europe. Sony acknowledged the issue and said to CVG: “We are aware some users are currently experiencing issues logging into PSN on PS4 due to the heavy traffic we are receiving, we’re investigating and will update. Thanks for your patience.”

Want to see more of the white Xbox One given to team members? Head here.

Gaikai will arrive for North American PS4s in the third quarter of 2014 according to a report. Europe will have to wait until 2015. [More on Eurogamer]


A patch for the Xbox One and PC versions of Battlefield 4 are expected from today. The Xbox One update focuses on stability and performance and will include a fix for the so-called one-hit kill bug.

Patch 1.05 for Killzone Shadow Fall has been released, and brings with it left-handed controller support, as well as tweaking the difficulty and fixing a number of bugs. [More on CVG]

The trophies for Gran Turismo 6 have hit the internet. Head to Exophase to see them, or don’t if you want to avoid spoilers.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 sees a second familiar face return in the shape of Omid. [More on Eurogamer]

The Order 1886 is being targeted for launch in 2014 – in the fall of 2014 to narrow the time a little. [More on CVG]

Peggle 2 has been dated for release on the Xbox One. PopCap’s game will be available on 9 December via XBL according to Gamesbeat.

The listing showing Siren coming to the PS4 was “a mistake” according to Sony. The listing was meant to be for Rime, which carried the working title of Siren. [More on IGN]


The PS4 has broken all sorts of UK records by surpassing the Wii U’s lifetime sales already. In fact, the PS4 has become the UK’s fastest selling console and has sold  over 250,000 consoles within 48 hours. [More on CVG]

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly suing Rockstar Games for using her image (without) permission in GTA V. [More on AllGamesBeta]

EA‘s Patrick Soderlund only expects the PS4 and Xbox One cycle to last five to six years. He reckons that the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation “may have gone on a little bit longer than I would have wanted,” and that “a five, six year gap is what I expect going forward.” [More on MCV]

God of War: Ascension game director Todd Papy has joined Crytek to work on an unannounced project. [More on CVG]

An industry analyst claims that Microsoft dominated Black Friday sales due to the lack of availability of the PS4. The Xbox One claimed 31% of sales, while the Xbox 360 took 30%. PS3 and PS4 sales amounted to a total of 30% of sales, with the Wii U and Wii taking 7% combined. Software sales saw Call of Duty Ghosts take the win. [More on CVG]

South Africa, whenever you wish we had Black Friday sales here, just think about the craziness that happens in America on the day… and times that by ten… See what we mean by checking out Kotaku’s coverage.


A new trailer for Don Bradman Cricket 14 which arrives on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year.

Sony will be running a 12 Deals of Christmas this year. From 1 December, there will be a PS3 and PS Vita deal every 48 hours.

Some new DriveClub and Killzone Shadow Fall footage in this Channel 4 montage.

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