News Wrap 04Good morning all. Day two of your time in Los Santos is over. So we will of course start with GTA V news.

GTA V has recorded the biggest UK game launch in history. It sold around 1.57 million units on its first day on sale, pulling in around £65 million. This beats Black Ops which sold 1.41 million units and around £58 million in its launch day just over three years ago. Global sales for the game (based on Rockstar estimates) topped $800 million in its first day on sale making it the highest first-day retail sales of any game in the company’s history.

A “relatively small number of people are having an issue downloading GTAV from the EU PS Store,” according to Sony. They are “investigating these issues, but in the meantime please ensure that the latest firmware is installed and that your pre-order was successful (in the case of pre-order), that you delete the failed file, re-download and try again.”

Microsoft’s Game Studios VP, Phil Spencer has indicated that the company would like to see Gears of War on the Xbox One, but that the decision is ultimately Epic’s. “We haven’t announced anything yet about Gears of War, but we hope to bring it to Xbox One in some form. However, there’s nothing more I can tell you at this time.” [More on CVG]

Gran Turismo 6 will have a large day one patch when it releases this December. It will be followed by continuous updates which will roll out for 12 months post launch. [More on Eurogamer]

Two new sales have started on the PlayStation Store. There’s the Warzone Sale and the Guitar Hero/DJ Hero Sale. The latter is pretty self-explanatory with DLC available for the games at discounted prices. The Warzone Sale features war games like Ace Combat and Ghost Recon Future Soldier. For the full list, head here.

Microsoft will be bringing “more international sports into the mix” on the Xbox One. According to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer the firm will expanding their “TV shows” to include “football, tennis, F1 and rugby” to regions where NFL is not as popular. [More on Bloomberg]

Sony is targeting sales of five million by March 2014 of the PS4. The announcement was made at the Sony keynote at the Tokyo Game Show.

The PS4 will launch across Asia in December 2013 – before the Japanese release date of 22 February. [More on CVG]

PS Vita TV will launch across Asia in January 2014. The micro console has already been confirmed for Japan on 14 November, while the West will need to wait to see if they will ever get it.

Call of Duty – and gaming in general – is being blamed for the most recent tragic shootings by a “maniac” in the US. The culprit is the UK’s Daily Mirror this time who proclaimed on their front page: ‘DRIVEN TO KILL BY CALL OF DUTY’. [More on CVG]

Warhammer Online will shutdown on 18 December, Mythic has announced. This is due to the licensing deal with Games Workshop coming to an end.

The director of the Evil Dead remake – Fede Alvarez – is in talks with Universal Pictures to helm the live action film adaptation of Visceral’s Dante’s Inferno.


The EU PlayStation Store has been updated for this week, and there is of course the usual list of goodies you can grab. And GTA V. For the full list, head here.

Dark Souls 2 has been dated for release. The Xbox 360 and PS3 bound sequel will be available 11 March in the US and 14 March pretty much everywhere else. A number of changes have been made to the game’s online aspect, and GameSpot has the details.

Gameplay footage of NBA Live 14.

Check out Warframe on the PS4 in this developer Q&A.

Bloodbath has been announced for consoles and PC, and will be out in Autumn [Northern Hemisphere]. Development by Spanish studio Freedom Factory, the game is described as “a brutal third person Hack n’Slash game.” Screens and details here.

The new Riddick game is an iOS exclusive called Riddick: The Merc Files. The game will be out on 20 September.