News Wrap 03Midweek already you say? Yip. And thank goodness for that we say.

Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton has echoed the words of his associate SCE CEO Andrew House and expects PS4 “interest will exceed supply” leaving some consumers PS4-less this Christmas. Buy an Xbox One. There’ll be plenty available. [via CVG]

What’s coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace over the next few weeks to the console that you will need to keep if you can’t play online next-gen… New Arcade games such as like Spartacus Legends – which is free – and other not so free ones. The Gears of War Judgment and new Borderlands 2 DLC also releases, and there are a number of items on sale. The full list is available here. Watch out for a Black Ops 2 sale starting next week.

A game making its return when the Xbox One releases is Killer Instinct. The game is free-to-play, but you will only get one character (Jago) – the rest will need to be purchased. To access more playable characters you will be required to pay for each, although there will also be a lump sum option available. How much that will be is still not clear. You will be limited to fighting as the characters they have purchased, but each character on the roster will be available to fight against, free of charge. [via Polygon]

UK retailer GAME will be launching an Xbox store in London this week. It promises to be a “brand new gaming and retailing experience” and a “one-of-a-kind concept”, and will open in a pop-up mall in Shoreditch. It will feature gaming stations, head-to-head challenge areas and a Microsoft Surface display, as well as selling the latest Xbox hardware and games. When the next-gen consoles launch will only 14% of the console buying public visit it then? And will it sell pre-owned games? [via CVG]

The ‘Ignite’ engine which will power next-gen EA Sports titles may still make it to PC. When the average PC buyer’s PC specs catch up… [via Polygon]

A hefty demo session (from E3) with Thief has been released by Sony. Don’t pretend the game doesn’t make you want it now.

That Jimmy Fallon character got a chance to play on the Xbox One. He will apparently get the chance to do so with the PS4 too this week.