News Wrap 07Good morning everyone. Another early morning, another useful wrap of gaming news and videos.


The season pass for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor has been announced and will bring the “exclusive ‘Guardians of the Flaming Eye’ Orc Warband mission, early access to the ‘Trials of War’ challenge series, all new story missions with hours of gameplay and access to future content. The season pass will cost £19.99. [More…]

Phil Spencer says the move to get Tomb Raider exclusivity for the Xbox was to ensure that Microsoft had a game to rival Uncharted. [More…]

The Achievements for Alien: Isolation have been revealed. Complete missions, kill things, collect that, you know the general score. The full list for your 1000GS can be found here.

Warframe will be heading to the Xbox One on 2 September. While the game will be free-to-play, it will require a gold subscription.

Hello Games’ exploration game No Man’s Sky has over 18 quintillion planets and will take you billions of years to explore. To infinity and beyond. Or something. [More…]

Ninja Theory has released a host of assets and information about their cancelled game Razer. Head here for the full skinny.

The Disney Infinity 2.0 ‘Toy Box’ Starter Pack will be released on 4 November at a price of $59.99 and will feature Merida and Stitch. [More…]

EverQuest Next will “turn the MMO genre upside-down”, according to a Sony Online Entertainment executive Laura Naviaux. [More…]

Consoles & Hardware

The Xbox One will be receiving the “first of its kind” Reddit app this week. With ReddX you can “browse the first-ever reddit app for the TV” while you game. Alongside this addition will be updates to the Twitch app, as well as a new MTV app. [More…]

Sales & Discounts

You can play a free 72-hour trial of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, but you will need to download it on Origin before 25 August. The title is the current ‘Game Time’ promotion.


Evolve walked off with five awards including Best of Gamescom and Best Online Multiplayer Game. The full list of winners can be found here.

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson reckons the company is getting better at listening to the gamers and EA Access offers EA a better way to do just that. [More…]

Destiny writer Joshua Rubin has confirmed that he has left Bungie and joined Telltale Games, where he will work on the episodic Game of Thrones. [More…]

Star Citizen – the PC space game by Chris Roberts – has raised over $50m after selling new space ships last week. The game should be magnificent with all that money… [More…]

The Kickstarter campaign for a series of Hotline Miami 12-inch replicas has launched, and has seen the halfway point of its $60,000 target hit in around a day. [More…]

You want your Minecraft and Lego fix in one go? Then here you go.

A PS3 price cut has been announced for Japan from 28 August. The 500 GB ‘Charcoal Black’ super slim PS3 will drop from 30,837 yen (£180) to 28,058 yen (£164), with some older models being completely discontinued. [More…]


Destiny hits Venus in this new gameplay trailer.

If you want to see an extensive amount of The Evil Within gameplay, then your desire is met below.

GTA Online will get the San Andreas Flight School Update today. The update brings “a collection of new air and land vehicles, aerial solo challenges, and much more.” The update will also introduce “a host of gameplay changes to GTA Online – these include increased payouts for harder to complete missions and GTA$ bonuses for playing missions with others. Stay tuned for more details tomorrow.” [More…]

A trailer for episodic PS4 game Dreamfall Chapters.

Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat has revealed its next project, which they are calling a “live action stealth game”. A teaser trailer for the game as been released. Meet ‘A Voyeur for September.

A fan-made Metal Gear Solid remake has been shut down by Konami after they initially gave it their blessing. [More…]

Watch Phil Spencer get the ice bucket treatment for ALS.