Breakfast Wrap 07Friday.  You are one sexy day.  You make even a grumpy zombie happy.  Thank you…

It seems (unsurprisingly) that when Battlefield 4 arrives, Battlelog 2 will be arriving too.  That’s according to a teaser tweet by Battlelog.

It would appear that Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection is coming to a PS3 near you.  That’s if a Korean classification rating carries any weight.  It appears that the collection may feature Metal Gears 1, 2, 3, 4 and PW. [via CVG]

Eurogamer Poland have spotted Skyrim: Legendary Edition, which will contain the core game along with the Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLC packs.  Confirmation is being sought from Bethesda of the collections planned existence.

The PlayStation EU Store update has happened, and you can grab items such as the new Dishonored DLC and the Soul Sacrifice demo.  There’s plenty more, but we’d rather send you to the source for the full list.

Capcom has warned investors that its profits for the financial year just ended will be half of what it originally expected, as well as announcing that some projects have been cancelled.  The changes are more widespread than this summary can cover, so head to CVG for their details.

Microsoft is in talks to resurrect NBC’s Heroes TV Series for the Xbox.  Talks are apparently in the preliminary stage says TVLine.  Whether they resurrect the show or not, the chances of it showing in SA are none to very unlikely…

Microsoft is rolling out a new two-step authentication system across all their platforms and services.  Your accounts for Windows, Xbox Live and Skype will be given the option to upgrade to a two-step system, where either a secondary email address or telephone number can be used for back-up authentication.  For more details, head here.

Microsoft are busy little bees at the moment.  The Xbox team is reportedly testing smartwatch prototypes.  According to The Verge the device has been in development for over a year and features a 1.5-inch touch display.

Still keeping busy with Microsoft, Xbox Live membership has hit 46 million worldwide, which is an 18% jump from last year.  That figure is most likely based on both ‘Gold’ and ‘Free’ members. [via CVG]

Bethesda has dropped a third and final cryptic video for their new game, and have promised all will be revealed later today.

It’s Batman against Superman in this new Injustice: Gods Among Us trailer.

Check out this developer diary for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon starring Michael Biehn.

A new making of video for Star Trek has been released by Namco Bandai.  The game arrives at the end of the month.

Deep Silver has released a new gameplay trailer for Ride to Hell: Retribution, which is headed to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The pace of game releases on Wii U and 3DS is set to “increase dramatically” according to Nintendo‘s US boss Reggie Fils-Aime.  He also says the firm has found new success with digital sales. [via]

The box art for BEYOND: Two Souls has been revealed.  This is what you will need to look for when the game hits retail shelves in October.

Beyond Box Art


We’ve decided to end with Batman: Arkham Origins news, as there are spoilers about the upcoming villains you will face in the prequel.  The cast of evildoers you will face in the game appears to have been revealed by a POS marketing display.  The display shows that – the already confirmed – Deathstroke will be joined by…
[hide-this-part Morelink=”Show Spoiler:”]
Joker, Bane, Killer Croc, Scarecrow and Deadshot.
[via CVG]