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Your Borderlands progress on Xbox 360 and PS3 can be transferred to the Xbox One and PS4 bound Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Full details of how this works can be found here.

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 should be available today for PS4 and PS3 in Europe. The iOS and Android versions are due tomorrow (19 March).

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin has seen its release date brought forward by a week in Europe. The game will now be released on 2 April for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The list of Achievements (60 in total for 1000GS) for Mortal Kombat X have been released. The list (and some spoilers) can be found here.

Evolve is hosting a St. Patrick’s Trapper Challenge this weekend from 19 to 22 March. If the community wins 35,000 games online while playing with Griffin the Trapper on their team, those that play will be rewarded with the Trapper Predator Skins on 31 March.

The Last Guardian has been trademarked. Again. Maybe this time it’s for real and for good.

Consoles & Hardware

Nintendo have announced their new “dedicated game system” called Nintendo NX, which is proclaimed to be “new hardware with a brand new concept”. What exactly that means might only be revealed next year.
Nintendo is also planning to release games for phones and tablets later this year via a new partnership with Japanese mobile firm DeNA. [More…]
The announcements by Nintendo have seen their stock value rise by almost 29%. [More…]

A private beta for PlayStation Now will start in the UK this spring. If you’re interested in participating (and have a PS4 and live in the UK), you can register here.


PlayStation has helped parent-company Sony by bringing in £3bn due to good PS4 sales and increased PS Plus network revenue. On the reverse, PS3 sales have shown a decrease year on year. [More…]

Square Enix has multiple surprises coming in this financial year, including an unnamed JRPG for consoles. [More…]

Steam users will now have to disclose whether they are being paid (money, free game key or physical goods) to promote or endorse a product on the service. [More…]


Resident Evil Revelations 2 is now available at retail in the US and will be available on 20 March in the UK. It will retail for $39.99 and include the four core episodes and Raid Mode, as well as the two ‘spin-off’ episodes, two extra Raid Mode characters, four alternate character costumes, and a bonus Raid Mode ‘Throwback Map Pack.’ It has also been confirmed that the (free) online co-op for Raid Mode for all platforms will be available on 31 March.

As mentioned above Resident Evil Revelations 2 is also getting additional episodes, and no announcement these days is complete without some sort of video.

Sierra has announced Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved – a free download for existing Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. The update arrives on 31 March for PS4 and PS3, PC, Mac and Linux via Steam. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 version will be available on 1 April.

Helldivers has received ‘Reinforcement Packs’, which cost $3 each or $6 for the four. Players have of the game have so far fired 4.2 billion shots (with 38% accuracy) and killed 500 million enemies. More on the DLC and the stats can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

The Elder Scrolls Online no longer requires a paid subscription – as long as you own the game of course.

Get to know the Demon Faction from Dungeons 2. The game is available for PC on 24 April.

A developer diary for World of Warships.

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries is now available via Steam. So there’s a launch trailer of course.

The Celts are coming to Total War: Attila. [More…]

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is now available in North America, so there’s a launch trailer to celebrate.

Sling TV is now available for Xbox One owners with a free one month trial. In the US of course. [More…]

A new matchmaking app for Xbox One which matches users up based on similar tastes has been launched. The app is called Overdog, and its goal is to “improve matchmaking for online gamers across all platform.”