Gaming News Wrap [17 June 2014]

Breakfast Wrap 01Good morning everyone. Hope you all enjoyed your extended weekend (if you live in South Africa of course). Back to the regular routine now.


DICE has said that a Battlefield Hardline beta will be available for “all platforms” before the game releases and it won’t be the same as the current beta. [More…]

UK retailer ShopTo had Sleeping Dogs HD listed for Xbox One and PS4. The listing has since been removed, but was dated for release on 21 November 2014. [More…]

The exclusive content for the PlayStation versions of Destiny have been detailed. The PS3 and PS4 will get an exclusive co-op strike mission set on Mars, MP map, guns, gear and more. [More…]

The Destiny alpha – which was destined (geddit?) to close on Sunday 15 June – has been extended “to allow dangerous experiments. Play beyond the official close at your own risk!” That’s the word from the Bungie’s Twitter account.

Destiny has already been improved from what people are seeing in the alpha. The game looks – according to the game’s artist – better than the alpha. [More…]

Activision is still considering whether or not to release a PC version of Destiny“It is [a good fit], and it’s something we’re talking about and looking at very carefully, and obviously it makes a lot of sense with the genre and the type of game it is.” [More…]

FIFA 15 will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, 3DS, PlayStation Vita and Wii. But not for the Wii U.

Amazon UK has Rise of the Tomb Raider listed for Xbox 360 and PS3, while the Xbox website seems to confirm the Xbox 360 version of the game. The game was announced by Square Enix at E3, at which point they confirmed the game for PS4, Xbox One and PC. [More…]

LittleBigPlanet 3 will be coming to the PS3 too. That’s according to community co-ordinator Steven Isbell on Twitter.

Angry Birds Transformers has been announced by Rovio. The game is due for mobile devices, but is not dated for release. [More…]

Sales & Discounts

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is now available for free to Xbox Gold subsribers on Xbox 360. Two Games with Gold titles are available with Charlie Murder also being available until the end of June. Street Fighter weighs in at 6.54GB, while Charlie Murder is 369.98MB.

A number of titles have gone on sale on the US PS Store until 24 June. Dead Nation, LittleBigPlanet and more are discounted by up to 50% for gamers, while PS Plus subscribers can get up to 75% off. [More…]

The US PS Store update brings Terraria to the Instant Game Collection on the PS Vita. [More…]


Development of next-gen (new-gen) games should “go smoother” smoother from next year as the developers get to grips with the complexities of the new consoles. That’s the thoughts of Ubisoft‘s CEO Yves Guillemot. [More…]

The PS4 took top spot in May’s NPD sales in the US. The month also showed an improvement for the industry overall. [More…]

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has left his position as director at Capcom Vancouver. It’s not clear yet what he plans to do next. [via Twitter]

Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime claims the Wii U is second in the next-gen console race – it currently beats the Xbox One in terms of “life-to-date numbers”. Erm. OK. But “next-gen”… really? [More…]


Check out the comparison video for Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 and PS3.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s a comparison video for the PS3 and PS4 version of The Last of Us.

These are the features you can expect to find in Hellraid.

Secret Ponchos is now available on Steam Early Access.

This is Cuphead. An animation-inspired run-and-gun platformer coming to the Xbox One and PC in 2015.

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