Breakfast Wrap 02Good morning, and welcome to the middle of the week.  It’s all downhill to the weekend from here…

Sony has apparently learnt pricing lessons from the PS3 launch.  According to Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny, Sony will approach the PS4 using the experience learnt by the slow early adoption rate due to high prices at the launch of the PS3.  Whether this means a really competitive and aggressive pricing structure for the launch of the PS4 is unclear. [via Edge]

Microsoft have shot down rumours that the Xbox LIVE downtime over the weekend was due to hackers.  According to a statement issued to GeekWire: “The Xbox Live service outage on 13 April resulted from networking misconfiguration during routine maintenance and was in no way related to false claims of hacking the service.”

Are you ready for an always online console future?  Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat reckons you might be.  When asked The Guardian if consumers are prepared for always online hardware, he replied: “That’s a question you should put to Microsoft and Sony! I would say that a lot of people are already always online through other devices – I would suspect that the audience is ready.”

Analyst Doug Creutz of Cowen & Company has forecast disappointing first month North American sales for Gears of War: Judgment and God of War: Ascension, while BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider have made solid starts. [via CVG]

A retailer listing (by IGN) suggests the unannounced Gran Turismo 6 is heading to the PS3.

On the other hand, the free Forza Horizon DLC is now available for download.  With 1000 new challenges, two new cars and 250 Gamerscore, it’s kinda a bargain, let’s be honest…

The rumoured return of Elder Scrolls: Arena for tablets and phones is nothing more than a “mix-up”.  “There is no new version of [TES: Arena] coming out,” said Bethesda’s Pete Hines via Joystiq.  It simply appears to be the Australian Classification Board updating their system.

Pete Hines has said that business lost to the second-hand games market is a serious issue for publishers, but said he understands that the expense of games is also an issue for consumers and hopes a mutual solution can be achieved.  The Bethesda man discussed this issue and much more in a Destructoid interview.

Bethesda’s Dishonored DLC – ‘The Knife of Dunwall’ – is available to download on PSN US and Xbox LIVE.  PSN Europe will be sometime today still.

Still with Bethesda.  They released this teaser trailer which Peter Hines has said is not Fallout 4.  Or at least he said “guess again” when someone mentioned Fallout 4.

Metro: Last Light has a second survival guide.  We still saying running away is your best option.

A new Grid 2 trailer has been released and shows off the game’s “multiplayer redefined”.

A Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon themed live action short film has been released by Corridor Digital.  It’s all good 80’s type fun.

A teaser trailer for Ashes Cricket 2013 has been released.  No gameplay in site.

Speaking of teasers.  This FIFA 14 image was tweeted with promises of the official announcement “tomorrow”, which means today now…

FIFA 14 is coming


A PS Vita software update has been released.  Updare 2.11 fixes stability issues after last week’s update (2.10).