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DriveClub will have an install size of around 17GB, with only the first 3.5GB needed before being able to play the game. The PS Plus version of the game has also been confirmed as a bonus free game on top of the usual free ones that will be released in October. [via Twitter]

An new update for Destiny has been released, but no details have been announced yet. [via Twitter]

‘Location’ testing for Tekken 7 will kick off in Japanese arcades between 3 and 5 October. So if you’re keen to get your hands on the game early, then you’d better head to Japan then. [More…]

The full track list for Just Dance 2015 has been revealed, and features 40 tracks including “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” by Dead Or Alive (ask your parents) and a few we’ve never heard of in our lives before. The full list of tracks can be found here.


Destiny has achieved exactly what was expected of it by becoming the UK’s biggest new IP launch in history. The first week sales of the game are pretty much equally split across PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

20 million players have played Hearthstone according to a tweet. Apparently they are “going to need a bigger tavern!” which sounds absolutely fantastic – as long as the beer is free…

Insomniac Games is busy making a live-action trailer for Sunset Overdrive. For a look at what’s happening behind the scenes, head here.

Harmonix has signed a multi-game deal with mobile publisher Tilting Point, with the first title being a “music-influenced game designed for mobile platforms”. [More…]

Volition’s creative director Steve Jaros has joined Valve Software after ten years with the Saint’s Row developer. [via Twitter]


With the Xbox One launch imminent, Xbox South Africa has sent out a cryptic press release linking to this video. Deciphering the ‘hidden message’ will bring you one step closer to the “ultimate prize”.

Microsoft has revealed that it hasbougt Mojang, as previously rumoured, for an eye-watering amount off $2.5 billion. It does not appear that it will have any affect on the availability of Minecraft across the various platforms. [More…]

Two new multiplayer maps have been revealed for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. ‘Recovery’ is on a volcano in Hawaii, which erupts mid-round, while ‘Retreat’ (previously known as ‘Venus’) is set in a rainy Chinese resort.

Meet the ‘Elephants of Kyrat’ on this new trailer for Far Cry 4.

Some gameplay footage from the ‘Bad Blood’ DLC heading to Watch_Dogs.

Discover the origins of the four new vault hunters in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

The third developer diary – dubbed ‘Senua’ – for Hellblade.

“What if… You were in charge of putting together the greatest team ever assembled?” That’s the question this new NBA 2K15 trailer asks.

Activision will publish first-person melee combat game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

A new trailer for Shadow Warrior shows off the ‘Blood, Blades ‘n Bullets’ you can expect in the game when it arrives this fall. Or spring if you’re based in the southern half of the world.

Watch as Riot Games relives the League of Legends 2014 World Championships road to Seoul.