News Wrap 02Good morning. It’s another spectacular Chewsday. Hey, that joke will never get old.

The Last of Us has held on to the number one spot in the UK games chart for the fifth week in a row, probably setting a record for the year. [More on CVG]

The Xbox One family sharing feature may make a return post-launch if it’s “something that people are really excited about and want.” [More on IGN]

More details for the next bit of Dishonored DLC is inbound today. The DLC is called ‘The Brigmore Witches’. [More on CVG]

Xbox Live Gold Members, remember that from today, Assassin’s Creed II is yours to download for free. A multitude of related Assassin’s Creed DLC will also be discounted until the end of the month. Major Nelson has more.

FIFA 14 UK CoverGareth Bale of Spurs will join Lionel Messi on the UK cover of FIFA 14.

GTA V will apparently feature 15 species of wild animal and the player will have a pet dog called Chop, who can be lost if players are negligent. A Japanese release date for the game has also been announced – 10 October. [More on CVG]

Diablo 3 will not be a PS4 launch title, and the game is only expected in 2014. This appears to be the case with the Xbox One version too. [More on CVG]

Sony has said that anyone can develop and self-publish a game on the PS4. SCE Europe’s senior account manager Agostino Simonetta said that the company will work with developers to ‘discuss’ methods of promotion for their game but only games that meet Sony’s quality standards will be freely promoted by the firm via their various channels. Feedback from Sony’s testers in the submission process is not mandatory and developers can choose to receive the feedback or not. [More on Gamasutra]

Ubisoft do not start work on a title unless it has “franchise potential”. So expect Watch Dogs and The Division to spawn multiple games in the future. [More on CVG]

Kevin Levine from Irrational Games is still keen to get BioShock Infinite on the PS Vita. Don’t hold your breath though. [More on CVG]


The first “official” gameplay trailer for Mad Max… which is actually a little light on real gameplay, but does appear to be plenty of in-game footage.

F1 2013 has (unsurprisingly) been announced. It will be coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this “Autumn” [Northern Hemisphere] and will featur ea new gameplay mode called F1 Classics, which features (you guessed it) classic cars on iconic circuits against legendary drivers. For more videos and stills and packshots, head to AllGamesBeta.

Pre-order WWE 2K14 and ge the Ultimate Warrior as a bonus. If you have no idea who I am talking about, say hello to the chap…

Chief Thunder has been teased for Killer Intinct.

Angry Birds Star Wars II is coming to an app store near you on 19 September.