News Wrap 04Phew. We made through all the ‘celebrations’ this weekend. Now to make it through another scary Monday. But we’ll show you the love with the Gaming News Wrap.


There’s a bug in Evolve that sees your character progression lost if you play over multiple consoles – even when signing in and syncing your account. Apparently Turtle Rock Studios is working on a solution. [More…]

The PS Plus version of DriveClub is “getting there” but the developer says there’s “still a lot of server development needed to support the PS+ Edition.”

You will be able to buy health, stamina, magic and experience boost potions in The Elder Scrolls Online with real-world money soon. There will also be aesthetic items available, all being for “customisation and convenience” and will not affect the core gameplay of the game. [More…]

Amazon has listed Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition for the PS4. The game is listed for $40 with a placeholder release date of 31 December 2015. No confirmation of a ‘remastered’ version of the game has been made yet. [via AllGamesBeta]

If there was any doubt about a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater game coming out, Tony himself has dispelled the concerns with a Valentines Day tweet that said: “A romantic poem for your Valentine’s Day. Also – we are working on a new THPS to be released this year. Love, Tony”.

Hatred has become the first ‘Adults Only’ game on Steam.

Sales & Discounts

The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale kicks off this week. It is expected to start Tuesday (18 February) and run until 24 February for both Xbox One and Xbox 360. [via Twitter]


Microsoft is calling January a success for Xbox sales, even though the brand was beaten by PS4 sales according to NPD. Microsoft said that they had “record January sales for Xbox One and more game sales per console than any other platform”. [More…]

The two Assassin’s Creed titles released last year – Unity and Rogue – shipped over ten million units. Watch Dogs matched the number, while Far Cry 4 shipped seven million. The figures were revealed by Ubisoft in their recent financial report.

The Xbox App for Windows 10 has been updated and adds a few tweaks. Monthly updates for the app are expected going forward. [More…]

Nintendo has cancelled the launch of Nintendo TVii service for European regions. However, the Nintendo Anime Channel has been launched and is a “new video-on-demand service on Nintendo 3DS which offers users the chance to stream anime series from the likes of Pokémon, Kirby, and Inazuma Eleven.” [More…]


Just Cause 3 is heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC in the holiday period of 2015. And there’s a first trailer to celebrate the fact. He’s a firestarter. A twisted firestarter. A batch of screenshots have been released too.

Bungie has peeled back and revealed some of the details behind the lore of the Destiny world in this new video. Be prepared however and get yourself something to eat and drink as it’s a long one.

A trailer for Space Hulk: Deathwing called ‘Rise of the Terminators’. The game is heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

World of Tanks on Xbox 360 is one year old now. So there’s a video present to celebrate.

NightCry has added PS4 and Xbox One stretch goals for its Kickstarter campaign and an extended gameplay video has been released.

The ‘Valentines Day’ trailer for Until Dawn.

Helldivers will be released on 7 March for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

The Escapists is now available for Xbox One, so a launch trailer is available for your viewing pleasure.

Episode two of the developer diaries for Homeworld Remastered Collection.

A Final Fantasy XV retrospective.

If you’ve picked up the new Nintendo 3DS, you’ll need to watch this video to learn how to transfer data from your old 3DS.