News Wrap 02Good morning gamers. Today’s Chewsday is a special one. If you’re reading this, you survived the Walking Dead. You’re a survivor… for now…

The ‘Abandoned Territories’ DLC for The Last of Us will cost $9.99, and is set for release on 16 October. The DLC will feature four new battlegrounds. [More on IGN]

Get acquainted with the Support class in Killzone: Shadow Fall right here.

Cyberpunk 2077 – CD Projekt Red’s new project – is “most probably” coming to next-gen consoles to go along with the confirmed PC version of the game. [More on Polygon]

Cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One “makes a lot of sense” according to Microsoft Studios corporate vice-president Phil Spencer. In fact he believes that “this connected ecosystem across all the different devices is definitely where I think the future of gaming is going”. But Shadow Run was not exactly a runaway success now was it? [More on CVG]

A ‘Pin Ultimate Edition’ of Killer Instinct is being sold exclusively via the Microsoft Store at a price of $59.99. The edition comes in a box which contains a download code for the game,a folio with two limited edition pins, and all the Killer Instinct Ultra Edition content. [More on CVG]

An ESRB listing has seemingly outed a Game of the Year Edition of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. [More on CVG]

PC gamers who own the original Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be able to upgrade to the Director’s Cut for a reduced cost. You can see what you will pay here when the game releases on 22 October in the US and 25 October in Europe.

The new PlayStation Vita 2000 model can be charged using a micro USB – the standard used by many mobile phones. The handheld is still to be dated for release in the West.

Ex-Valve head of hardware, Jeri Ellsworth, has launched a Kickstarter for CastAR – a “projected augmented reality system that displays holographic-like 3D projections right in front of you”. [via CVG]

The mobile port of Final Fantasy VII is still a while away. Final Fantasy producer Takashi Tokita said that “currently, space will be an issue. Phones won’t be able to contain the space it takes. It’s over a gigabyte. People are probably going to have to wait a few years.”


The Battlefield 4 TV spot.

Call of Duty time TV ads. Six of them.

The first PS4 TV ad.

Square Enix has announced that it has officially begun development of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX for PS3.

A new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII gameplay video.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn ‘The Wolves’ Den’ PvP trailer.

Wii Sports Club HD video.