News Wrap 06Good day. We’d like to think you know the score by now – one article doing the job of many in the Gaming News Wrap. Why? Because we have an apocalypse to plan.


Apparently, the footage for Star Wars Battlefront is so good it will “break the internet”. Teaser images released so far certainly do support that idea.

Fans of Oddworld rejoice, a remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus is in the works. The game is still in the early stages of development with very few details available. [More…]

The costume from the Netflix version of Daredevil is now available for free-to-play RPG Marvel Heroes.

Sales & Discounts

The Xbox One has seen a price drop – but only in the UK and for what appears to be a limited time only. You can pick up the console for £299.99 currently. [More…]

Consoles & Hardware

Nvidia has released ‘Game Ready’ drivers for GTA V on PC. Grab them to get the best out of your graphics card for the game’s release today.

AMD has also released their (beta) drivers in time for the release of GTA V for PC. [via Twitter]

Screenshots & Concept Art


The ‘House of Wolves’ expansion for Destiny will be released on 19 May. It will bring “new story missions, three new competitive multiplayer maps, and a new cooperative strike”, along with a new Crucible mode. Meanwhile, update 1.1.2 will (should) be available from today. [More…]

The Order: 1886 now has a Photo Mode… perfect for anyone is still playing the game. [More…]

A teaser for Guitar Hero. Or Activision’s new game. Full reveal will happen today.

The Rockstar Editor for the PC version of GTA V is available from today. The built-in movie editor, will allow players to mix a variety of the game’s assets into short films. [More…]

Want to see more gameplay from the Rainbow Six Siege alpha? OK.

Rather than actually play the game, you can watch all the Mortal Kombat X fatalities right here.

Reload Studios – an independent studio made up of ex-Call of Duty developers – have announced their first game called World War Toons.