ws_Cup_of_Coffee_2560x1600Good morning. It’s good to be back right? Yeah, it’s not really…

A PSN update this past week now allows for 2,000 friends. However, the 2,ooo friends will only be viewable on PS4 and Vita, while the PS3 will only display a maximum of 100 friends, automatically filtered by their online status and their names in alphabetical order. [More on  PlayStation Blog]

A number of Xbox One units have been shipped early due to a (US retailer) Target “system issue”. However, the consoles are currently blocked from Xbox Live, as Microsoft are still “putting the finishing touches on our games, UI and online services”. Does that mean the Xbox One is currently as useful as a brick? [More on CVG]

The list of launch day media partners for the Xbox One has been confirmed. The full list is available on Xbox Wire. If you’re a ‘first wave’ supported region.

Unsurprisingly, Activision has already confirmed a new Call of Duty for 2014. They’ve also confirmed a new Skylanders game for 2014. Exactly which part of the annual Call of Duty series will be up next is still up for speculation, but Sledgehammer is rumoured to be working on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. [More on VideoGamer]

The Trophies for Killzone Shadow Fall have hit the internet. You can view the list here if you don’t mind a few spoilers.

Blizzard has ruled out making World of Warcraft a free-to-play title. [More on Eurogamer]

Blizzard’s card-based game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, will be heading to Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as the already announced PC version.

The World of Warcraft movie got discussed at Blizzcon. Here’s some early details courtesy of Eurogamer.


The official PS4 unboxing video.

The slightly less official Francis PS4 unboxing video.

Watch 12 minutes of the Xbox One in action.

A Dead Rising 3 story trailer.

The launch trailer of free-to-play Blacklight: Retribution. The game is a PS4 launch title.

The  PS4 will be getting the Diablo 3 ‘Ultimate Evil Edition’ which will include the game and the Reaper of Souls expansion. For more details and screenshots, head here.

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls features trailer.

A next-gen FIFA 14 trailer focusing on ‘Elite Technique’ and ‘In-Air Play’.

A Forza 5 behind-the-scenes video of the McLaren cover star.

Xbox One gameplay footage from Need for Speed Rivals.

PS4 gameplay footage from Need for Speed Rivals.

Street Fighter has been teased for the PS4 by this Sony viral video.

The second episode of live action web series Ryse: The Fall.

Blizzard revealed their MOBA Heroes of the Storm at Blizzcon this weekend. A host of videos were released to celebrate.

The Warlords of Daraenor is the next expansion for World of Warcraft. Details here.

The Wii Sports Club launch trailer.