News Wrap 04Some reckon no news is good news, but we reckon you can never get enough gaming news.


Details (and new screenshots) from Bloodborne have been released, focusing on the game’s online features.

EA has updated the FIFA Ultimate Team transfer market with restrictions on the highest and lowest value items can be sold at. [More…]

Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 3 is now available for PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One, while European PlayStation owners and Xbox 360 gamers can expect it to arrive today.

Update 1.2 for Elite: Dangerous – also known as the ‘Wings’ update – has launched and brings new playable ships, overhauls the communications interface, adds AI groups and more.

Consoles & Hardware

The Apple Watch (not iWatch it seems) will come in 38 variants and launch in the UK on 24 April and cost between £299 and £13,500. It does not come with a free car… [More…]

Sales & Discounts

The latest Deals with Gold have been announced and there’s a good variety available. On Xbox One, Tomb Raider, Dragon Age, Ryse and Murdered: Soul Suspect features, while on Xbox 360, a variety of Microsoft Studios titles, Assassin’s Creed and more feature. Full details can be found here, and the discounts run through 16 March.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is free for Xbox Live Gold members to play until next Monday (16 March). At that point, you will need to buy the game, but maybe your time with it will have convinced you anyway.

Selected Nvidia GeForce graphics cards will come with a digital copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We would assume the offer will be valid in South Africa too, but will endeavor to find out. [More…]


Dontnod have told Siliconera that the story for Remember Me 2 has been written and that the second season of Life is Strange is being discussed.


The upcoming Call of Duty Championship will use a DLC map for the first time in the tournament’s history. ‘Havoc’ DLC map ‘Drift’ will be added to the rule set, replacing Bio Lab CTF and Recovery Search & Destory. Whether this will become a permanent addition to the rule set is not yet known. [More…]


The launch trailer for DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition.

All the changes coming to the ‘Hard Mode Patch’ for Dying Light can be found in this new video.

The ‘NXT ArRIVAL’ DLC for WWE 2K15 is now available.

Cliff Bleszinski new game – currently codenamed ‘Project Bluestreak‘ – has revealed itself with this teaser trailer.

A couple of new job listings suggest that The Creative Assembly is busy with a new AAA title for console which will feature multiplayer. [More…] The company is also celebrating 15 years of Total War with a new trailer, which teases (ever so slightly) at the Warhammer game the studio has not officially announced.

A modern-day reboot of space shooter Descent called Descent: Underground has started a Kickstarter campaign. The game has a $600,000 goal, with a PC release date targeted for March 2016.