News Wrap 06Good day to you all. Welcome to the kickstart-your-week edition of Gaming News Wrap.


BioWare is openly talking about a Mass Effect trilogy remaster. The company has been asking fans what they would most like to see in such a collection but no official announcements are planned just yet. [More…]

Keeping with the recently celebrated N7 Day, BioWare also teased new Mass Effect 4 art, as well as revealing that the Halo 4 lead writer has joined their development team.

A new Tony Hawk game will be heading to console in 2015. Tony Hawk Pro Skater fans will “be hyped”. [via Twitter]

The latest Diablo 3 patch (2.1.2) details have been revealed at this weekend’s BlizzCon event.

Consoles & Hardware

Eurogamer has investigated the PS4’s Share Play to uncover which games support the feature, and which ones don’t. Their results can be found here.

Sony Europe has announced that the latest PS Vita mega pack bundle will be available on 19 November in select territories and on 21 November in the UK. The €199.99 bundle includes the handheld, an 8GB memory card and Worms Revolution Extreme, Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter, Lemmings Touch and LocoRoco. It is not listed for releases in Soith Africa.

Screenshots & Concept Art


The last major Xbox One update of 2014 has begun rolling out and brings personalization, TV features, Store and Smartglass improvements and more. Details here.

The launch trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity has arrived.

Create a wrestler in the Creation Studio of WWE 2K15.

The final expansion for StarCraft II – StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void – has got  new trailers and details thanks to BlizzCon.

The first Hearthstone expansion ‘Goblins vs Gnomes’ will be released in December and will feature over 120 new cards. [More…]

Blizzard has announced a new first-person PC multiplayer shooter called Overwatch. A beta is planned for 2015, and players can sign up for it here. More on the game can be found here.