Breakfast Wrap 02This is a journey into… the Gaming News Wrap.


Evolve will launch this week (today in the US, Friday elsewhere) with a 3GB patch. The update balances the game, optimises level-loading, fixes some bugs, introduces some new elite skins and adds connectivity to the Evolve Hunters Quest mobile app. [More…]

The Battlefield Hardline beta saw more than six million players participate – more than the number that participated in the Destiny beta. A number of changes will be implemented thanks to the beta.

Anita Sarkeesian will be making an appearance in Towerfall: Ascension. Or at least, the Blue Archer (part of an upcoming DLC), is “loosely based on feminist games critic Anita Sarkeesian.” [More…]

Consoles & Hardware

The Xbox One screenshot feature has been teased by Phil Spencer. The user interface is still in beta but it seems the feature is coming soon.


BioWare has decided to cancel development on their online RPG Shadow Realms. The team behind the game is “already deep on new projects within the BioWare family, ones that will make some great BioWare games even better.” The “biggest focus” will be on Star Wars: The Old Republic. [More…]

Resident Evil HD Remaster has set a sales record for PSN and Capcom. The title was the top-selling title on both PS4 and PS3 for the month of January and it is Capcom’s fastest ever selling digital title across both North America and Europe.

BioShock 2 has disappeared from its various digital outlets, including Steam, PSN, Xbox Marketplace, Amazon and Apple. The reason is still unclear, and a response from 2K Games has been requested by Eurogamer.

Cortana may head to Microsoft Office (on mobile and desktop) as a virtual assistant similar to the old ‘Clippy’ virtual assistant from a few years back. [More…]

Wolfgang Reip and Florian Strauss have proved to be a success story for GT Academy. They took their Nissan to victory in the Bathurst 12 hours endurance event this past weekend. GT Academy took promising Gran Turismo players into a boot camp and on to a real race seat. [More…]


Valve has requested that CS: GO players do not gamble or bet on matches in an attempt to clean up the scene following a number of bannings of players after allegations of match-fixing. [More…]


Access to the PS4‘s multiplayer component will be free over this coming weekend to everyone. The access starts at 6am (UK time) on Friday, 13 February and runs until until 6am UK time) on Monday 16 February.

Vergil’s Bloody Palace for DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition has been detailed and new gameplay footage released.

The first ‘making of’ video for Homeworld Remastered Collection which focuses on ‘memories’.