Gaming News Wrap [10 Aug 2015]

It might be a public holiday in South Africa but that doesn’t stop the Gaming News Wrap.ws_Cup_of_Coffee_2560x1600


Consoles & Hardware




  • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gameplay Walkthrough 3 ft. Evie Frye

  • Mafia III Inside Look – Lincoln Clay

  • Doom gameplay trailer

  • Mad Max Gameplay Demo

  • Star Wars: Battlefront Developer Diary #3

  • Hellblade – Official Gamescom 2015 Gameplay Walkthrough

  • Star Citizen Multicrew Demo

  • Final Fantasy XV – Malboro Trailer

  • Blood Bowl 2: Meet the Star Players

  • Yakuza 5 – Developer Interview: Welcome to the World of Yakuza, Part 2

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