Breakfast Wrap 02Good morning. It’s another Tuesday in this never ending cycle of life. And just like there’s bound to be a Tuesday every week, then you can bet there will be a Gaming News Wrap.


‘Expedition’ DLC for Titanfall adds 200GS across 12 Achievements related to the new maps. It is already available on Xbox One but Xbox 360 pilots will have to wait for update number four which is “coming soon”. [More…]

Core tweaks to gameplay and Rush mode of Battlefield 4 is planned, along with additional changes as part of the ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ DLC. [More…]

It seems The Last of Us on PS4 will run at a “transformative” 60fps. [More…]

Wii U exclusive Stealth Inc 2 is being targeted for an October release. [More…]

We’re just gonna put it out there that Rock Simulator and Cat Simulator are real things. Why anyone thinks these sort of things are a good idea is anyone’s guess. What’s next? Breathing Air Simulator?

Consoles & Hardware

Is this the Android TV controller?

Ouya is offering a new subscription plan which costs $59.99 for one year’s unlimited access to around 800 Ouya games and their download content. The ‘All-Access Pass’ is however restricted to games which usually cost less than $30, and only unlocks on-time purchasable content, not purchasable consumables such as extra lives or in-game currency. [More…]


Cliff Bleszinski – or Cliffy B to those that prefer – is “officially coming out of retirement to make video games again.” He suggests you “stay tuned here [Twitter we assume] for details in the next 7 days!” [via Twitter]

Bungie has moved to dispel rumours that Destiny cost $500 million to make. The studio also confirmed that the Peter Dinklage voiceover is not final and will be updated for the forthcoming beta. [More…]

Rockstar North’s boss Leslie Benzies has bought an Edinburgh church for around £500,000, proving making games does pay. As long as that game is named Grand Theft Auto. [More…]

Stephen Toulouse – the former boss of Xbox Live policies – has joined Black Tusk Studios where he will help to work on the upcoming Gears Of War game.

Steam has hit a new record with 8 million concurrent users on the final day of the Steam Summer Sale. [More…]

7000 Steam Sniper Elite 3 keys were stolen recently and resold, causing Rebellion to block the keys. Anyone affected by this has been offered the “Target Hitler” DLC for free. [More…]

Screenshots & Concept Art


A new video showing off the “incredible visuals” in FIFA 15.

A teaser trailer for Woolfe: The Redhood Diaries. The game is expected to be playable at Gamescom. [More…]

A WildStar developer diary focusing on the ‘Strain’ DLC.

A new continent has been added to Planetside 2. The swamp-like Hossin was added in last week’s update to the free-to-play MMO shooter.

Did you know you don’t need tens of hours to finish Fallout 3? You just need 24 minutes…

Work in progress footage from Mighty No. 9.

A new ‘Rock Opera’ game has been revealed for PC and Mac. Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame will feature Arch Enemy singer White-Gluz, Cradle Of Filth star Dani, Dragonforce singer Marc Hudson, Simone Simons of Epica and others. [More…]

The GTA V trailer is coming to you in real life. Here’s a teaser so long.