Gaming glasses – Digital Performance Eyewear

Gunnar Optiks new ‘Digital Performance Eyewear’ was developed to help protect users from eyestrain and dry eye from prolonged screen use, even while not playing games.

“Today’s consumer is tech savvy,” states Rob Aarnes, president of Gunnar. “As digital devices continue to put more and more strain on our vision, it’s only natural that our specialized eyewear is made available wherever those devices are sold. It will undoubtedly be an explosive growth segment for consumer electronics retail.”

Gunnar’s lines include Advanced Computer Eyewear and Advanced Gaming Eyewear, now available at Best Buy. Retail prices for the glasses range from $79.99 to $99.99 [R640 – R800]. The glasses are also prescription-ready [note this was not a local press release so please contact Gunnar Optiks for local availability should you not wish to import].

The eyewear could also be used in the work place and studies show that a large percentage of computer users experience negative effects from prolonged screen usage. The lenses in Gunnar’s glasses (developed in partnership with optics experts Carl Zeiss Vision) are said to improve contrast, minimize distortion and aid the eye’s natural focusing, allowing muscles to relax and easing eye strain.

The lenses also have an anti-reflective layer to reduce glare and reflections as well as a tint to filter out the harshness of fluorescent light and shift the color to a warmer, more natural temperature.

Gunnar is also currently in talks with Best Buy about the store carrying “Premium 3D eyewear” to support the arrival of new 3DTV technology.

For the online store and more see the official site.

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