GameZone to sponsor SA Clans with own server

If you are a South African clan or guild, you may be in line to grab your own gaming server and your own Mumble VOIP Server courtesy of GameZone/MWEB.  While there are (obviously) requirements you need to meet, that’s not a terrible way to start the week now is it?

If GameZone approve your application, we will sponsor the use of a server/s as indicated below:

  • LEVEL 1: If your clan has between 5 and 9 MWEB members,GameZone will sponsor your clan:
    • 16 (up to) player server OR
    • 25 seat Mumble server.
  • LEVEL 2: If your clan has between 10 and 19 MWEB members, GameZone will sponsor your clan:
    • 32 (up to) player server OR
    • 50 seat Mumble server OR
    • 16 (up to) player server AND a 25 seat Mumble server.
  • LEVEL 3: If your clan has 20+ MWEB members, GameZone will sponsor your clan:
    • 48 (up to) player server OR
    • 100 seat mumble server OR
    • 32 (up to) player server AND a 50 seat Mumble server.

For more information on how to apply and the terms and conditions applicable to the Sponsorship Package send a mail to theMWEB Gamesmaster. We will do our best to respond to your email with full details within seven working days, or as soon as possible thereafter. We reserve the right to change or withdraw the proposed sponsorship program at any time.