GameStop’s lawsuit over pre-owned games and the ‘online codes’

The very popular gaming retailer, GameStop has been served with a new class action according to partner website IGN. The lawsuit alleges the retailer is deceptively selling used games that advertise additional content to its customers. Is it any surprise that these ‘online’ codes and second-hand games were going to cause problems?

The suit claims GameStop misleads consumers at the time of their purchase “to believe that the games which are originally sold with free down-loadable content are also included when consumers purchase the same games used, when in fact the free down-loadable content is no longer available.”

Three customers reportedly filed this new lawsuit claiming that the combined cost of a used game from GameStop and the download content can exceed the cost of brand new copy. The lawsuit also alleges GameStop’s concealment of this information is to induce its customers to buying used games instead of new.

“By advertising the additional down-loadable content as being included with the game and by not informing consumers that they will not receive all the advertised features of the game, GameStop misrepresented and concealed material facts regarding its used games,” the lawsuit reads.

Publishers began with the online codes with the hope of inciting gamers to buy new.