Just in case you were thinking of heading to Cologne on 15 to 19 August and were wondering what you might see, then this trailer reveals that it will be: games, lots of people, developers, games, publishers, live music, probably games and most likely… more games.  Oh, and there’s also speculation that GTA V may get its release date announced.

According to CVG that is based on a “glimpse – albeit very brief glimpse – of GTA V footage, and the fact that Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two is listed as an exhibitor at the event.”  The glimpse is around the 1:50 mark, but (and I’ve been known to be wrong before) I’m pretty sure that’s just a clip from San Andreas…

Either way, if you’re in Germany for the event next month let us know how it is.  We’re zombies and would need to spend months in quarantine before being allowed into the country.