Mall of the South_Gamer's Fest_01

This past weekend at the Mall of the South saw the Gamer’s Fest gaming event hosted. The event hosted three eSports tournaments administrated and broadcast by nAvTV in the shape of CS: GO, Dota 2 and FIFA 16.

The results from the tournaments are as follows:


  • 1st Place: Carbon eSports (R30,000 cash)
  • 2nd Place: Bravado Gaming (R20,000 cash)
  • 3rd Place: Aperture Gaming (R10,000 cash)
  • 4th Place: Energy eSports (R7,500 cash)
  • Tournament bracket

Dota 2

It’s unclear why, but the grand final – featuring Carbon eSports and Bravado Gaming – will be played and completed online sometime in the future. Details are still to be announced.

You can find the current tournament bracket here.


The grand final will be played online on Sunday the 10th of April from 12:00pm. Bravado will head into the best of five match with a one map advantage. The match will be streamed live here.

  • 3rd Place: White Rabbit Gaming (R10,000 cash)
  • 4th Place: Energy eSports (R7,500 cash)


  • 1st Place: Maingaming_shuaib (R12,000 cash)
  • 2nd Place: MainGaming_Abubakar (R2,000 + PS4 console)
  • 3rd Place: Bane (R1,000 + PS4 controllers + game)
  • Tournament bracket

Some photos from the event were snapped by Bravado Gaming and can be viewed here. Additional photos can be viewed here.