The ‘Gamer of the Week’ profile is back for its second week running – whether you like it or not…

This week is PC gamer Gareth Glanville who clearly has a lot of love for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.  Some might say it’s closer to an unhealthy obsession – even a little freaky – but no-one ever said that was a bad thing right?

Go ahead.  Introduce yourself.  Don’t be shy.

Hello I am Gareth Glanville and I love playing online games.

What’s you platform of choice?  Why?

PC – I just love it and have always rather preferred PC gaming.

Can you remember the first time you ‘gamed’?

Counter Strike 1.6.

How long have you been gaming?

Since 2006.

When do you think you’ll stop gaming?

Well, how the games are going now I’ll probably never stop.

Are you a serious gamer?  Or do you enjoy a laugh?

I’m a serious player but I also like the occasional laugh.

Single player or multiplayer? 


Is playing online important to you?


Favourite game currently?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

What hobbies do you have outside of gaming?

Golf, Soccer, fishing, hunting, swimming.

You’re stranded on a desert island and a genie grants you five items.  Name them:

  • A game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
  • A CD: Bullet for my Valentine – Fever
  • A movie: The Avengers movie
  • An organic life form: Diode
  • Something edible or drinkable: MacDonald’s

What’s the most embarrassing or worst game you’ve ever bought or received as a gift?

The Sims.

If you were a game designer, describe your ultimate game design.

FPS, slow Mo shooting, watching how the bullet penetrates and have an ideal way of moving like you can climb anywhere and use your one leg or one arm if you want.

The zombie apocalypse has happened.  You’re facing down a ravenous zombie horde (which may or may not include members of ZG in bikinis).  What weapon do you grab?

Grenade launcher.

The zombie apocalypse has happened.  You’re all toast.  Become a turncoat and assist the superior zombies or stay with the soon to be wiped out human resistance?  

I would stay with the human resistance.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our silly questions.  What game are you off to play now that we’re done?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

We welcome all gamers, regardless of age, sex, creed, platform or whether you’re human or zombie.  There’s no discrimination around here, so feel free to contact us if you are keen to feature in this column in the future at and we’ll think about – after you’ve sent us a sample of your braaaaaaiiiiinnnnsss.