Gamer of the Week: Chanel Claassen


After a short break – in which we spent time discussing the upcoming zombie apocalypse and whether Idols or X Factor is the better entertainment on those lazy days – we are back.  And we decided to kick off the new year with a Bang! Whallop! Smack!  We have a gamer who is probably every gamer’s fantasy.  Yes, Chanel is a gamer… who actually kinda gets paid to play games.  And she even loves zombies a little.

Go ahead.  Introduce yourself.  Don’t be shy.

Hi my fellow gaming/zombie lovers, my names Chanel Claassen I work for GecoSports Gaming Arena and there’s nothing I’m more passionate about than gaming.

What’s you platform of choice?  Why?

Definitely PS3. I’m a huge movie lover as well so the bluRay player is awesome, going from PS1 to my old faithful PS2 and then xbox just didn’t feel right.

Can you remember the first time you ‘gamed’?

Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday, 5th birthday 1995 October the 8th. My mom bought me a NES console, back then we just called it my TV-game. I didn’t have any games though, so the next day my brother brings me a coverless cartridge and it happens to be Megaman 1, it blew my mind and I was in love with games ever since.

How long have you been gaming?

Since the age of 5 so for over 17 years now.

When do you think you’ll stop gaming?

Probably only the day a zombie eats my hands off – haha – otherwise I’ll be 80 years old and still  be owning my grandkids at games.

Are you a serious gamer?  Or do you enjoy a laugh?

Definitely enjoy a good laugh gaming with friends, but when I’m alone and in my zone I get pretty serious.

Favourite game currently?

That’s a hard one to answer my list of favourites are extremely long but if I had to choose, currently it’s a toss up between Mass Effect 2 and Skyrim The Elder Scrolls 5. Super Meat Boy also runs very close to them.

Singleplayer or multiplayer?

I think both are awesome.

Is playing online important to you?

I don’t have internet at home so it’s not such a big deal to me but since I started working at GecoSports and now get to play online I realised it’s definitely a lot of fun.

Are you a member of a clan?  Who are they and why?

Nope not a member of any clan.

You recently started to work at GecoSports, which is pretty much any gamer’s idea of a dream job.  Are you enjoying it and what does an average work day entail?

It really is a dream come true for me, the first day I walked in here I just felt at home, it was like gaming heaven for me. I’m loving every single moment here I get to come to work, talk to people about games, help out with tournaments and events, meeting  so many cool gamers is awesome and best of all I get to play games at work, I mean for a gamer it just doesn’t get any better then that.

Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?  What?

Nope gaming is pretty much it for me hey. If I’m not gaming I’m either watching movies, series or Japanese anime.

You’re stranded on a desert island and a genie grants you five items.  Name them:

A game: Skyrim would make the most sense since it’s unending and freaking Awesome!
A CD: Jim Guthrie’s Indie Game Movie Soundtrack
A movie or TV series: Either the Matrix trilogy, Quentin Tarantino’s New XX8 film collection or the Fifth Element. If a series then it would be Game of Thrones.
An organic life form:  HaHa Ryan Gosling
Something edible or drinkable: Lasagne all the way!!!

What’s the most embarrassing or worst game you’ve ever bought or received as a gift?

Rainbow Island for NES xD.

If you were a game designer, describe your ultimate game design.

Not the most of creative people… let me just say I’ll leave that to the Professionals J and continue enjoying their Pure Awesomeness.

The zombie apocalypse has happened.  You’re facing down a ravenous zombie horde.  What weapon do you grab?

Definitely a Katana!

In the aforementioned zombie apocalypse you humans are all toast.  Become a turncoat and assist the superior zombies or stay with the soon to be wiped out human resistance?

I really like zombies – huge fan of The Walking Dead – I’m just not so much a fan of being eaten (O_O) so I feel like when that happens all my experience of zombie games, series and movies will kick in activating my Awesome Resident Evil “Alice” gene.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our silly questions.  What game are you off to play now that you’re done?

It was my pleasure, really had fun answering them. All this talk of games makes me want to go back to where it all started for me, so I’m in the mood to go old school and jam some Megaman, Shadow of the Ninja and Bare Knuckle 3 when I get home :).

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