Ever wondered when South Africa would get an event where video game music would be played by an orchestra? Well, wonder no more because the when has been answered – 6 May 2017.

So what exactly is ‘Gameplay’? It is – according to the event information – the “first South African show to bring together Video Game sound tracks and a full scale symphony orchestra for a simply spectacular event!” The performance will be by The Stellenbosch City Orchestra (conducted by Paul van Zuilenburg) with the South African National Youth Choir joining them for the event.

“Accompanied by projected visuals the music, arranged by international Spanish artist Andres Sotto, will transport you to virtual realities from the past, present and future!”

The music you can expect to be performed comes from a number of titles including “World of Warcraft, Simcity, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Donkeykong, Supermario, Skyrim, Megaman, Dragonborn, Journey, Pokemon, Nayan Cat , Star Fox and many more.”


If you’re a fan of games and a night out, this sounds like it was made for you. Unless you prefer metal renditions of video game music of course.