Game Developers and Journalists to Swap Jobs For 48-Hour Game Jam

In what promises to have some interesting outcomes,  a bunch of game developers and gaming journalists in the UK will be swapping roles in a 48-hour game jam hosted by Ukie, games consultant Will Luton, Develop and MCV.

Develop-Online report that from this Friday through to Sunday, the developers will be posting on the industry news and opinion-pieces on the Develop site.

The game developers to turn journos include Spilt Milk’s Andrew Smith, Bossa Studios’ Mike Bithell, Blitz Games Studios’ Peter Theophilus-Bevis and Mediatonic’s Jim Griffiths.

We all know how Journalists know exactly what makes a good game, this why they can be so punitive when reviewing. So we are confident that we could see the next ‘Mario’ created by some of the most elite journalists from the UK.

The journalists partaking in the coding will be CVG’s Rob Crossley, The Guardian’s Keith Stuart, Lewie Procter of Savy Gamer and IGN and Rock, Paper, Shotgun freelancer Dan Griliopoulos. The journalists will will be guided by five coding students.


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