Future Playstation hardware will be easier to develop for

Worldwide Studios boss, Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that with the design of future PlayStation hardware, Sony’s software developers will be getting much more say or input into the design obviously to facilitate for easier software development. Many developers in the past have made it known that developing for the PS3 is not always an easy task.

Yoshida said in an interview, “Actually, I’d say that Move was the first platform project that, from day one, from the very conceptual stage, had Worldwide Studios involved. WWS was involved before SCE’s hardware guys were involved. It was between Richard Marks, the SCEA R&D group and Worldwide Studios teams – they started looking into next-gen motion gaming, and tried every different kind of technology, including 3D cameras and other motion capture technologies like magnetics or ultrasound.”

Yoshida says that games developers will have much more input on the tools and operating system for the next PlayStation console, and that “Not only do we give them input, but Worldwide Studios’ tech teams are part of the platform OS and tools development. That’s a completely new world as well.”

Yoshida explained that technology groups around the world at Sony have been making game engines or tools for the studios in the group, but that they are now part of the tools of development and the low-level middle-ware library development. Which means with the future platform, the PlayStation platform tools and OS will actually be developed by game developers.