Strip mar 14

A president and a king, a fawning zombie, a bunch of gung-ho Merkans and a zany race to the finish line should keep you entertained this weekend. Here’s what’s hitting the big screen…

People Like Us

people like us poster

When his father dies, the incredibly self-involved Sam finds himself on his way to meet the half sister he never knew he had. He’s tasked with giving her the money their father left for her, but telling her the truth about who he is proves difficult.

Hyde Park on Hudson

hyde park poster

Take an inside look at the life of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (played by Bill Murray no less) and the women in his life. War is looming and the president meet with King George VI (who had his own flick recently, The King’s Speech).

Warm Bodies

warm bodies poster

Braaaaaaaains! The zombie genre is given a romantic reworking when a brooding zombie saves a lovely young human and falls in love with her. So sweet. Nicholas Hoult lurches about with the beautiful and breathing Teresa Palmer.

Red Dawn

red dawn poster

In this remake of Patrick Swayze’s 1980s film a bunch of young Americans face off against North Korean soldiers to gain back their freedom. But their rash actions don’t go unpunished and they soon realize they need to change their tactics if they want to save ore lives.

100 Meter Leeuloop

100m leeuloop

Can you dance? Can you sing? Can you run? Ok, so can you do all three at the same time? That’s the premise behind this local mockumentary which tells the story of a group of eccentric characters taking place in a leeuloop contest. Robbie Wessels stars.

Zombie Terri’s Pick

warm bodies still

What kind of zombie would I be if I didn’t pick Warm Bodies as my must-see of the week. I’ve been a bit hooked on The Walking Dead lately, so it might be nice to mix some teen angst into the gory business of munching on the screaming living.